i hate oprah

If you like her, you forfeit my respect for you. Go ahead, tell me, and I'll still play nice to your face. But inside, where it counts, I'm gonna put you on a par with W. Even though I hate her, I don't think Oprah is a moron; I think she's clever like a fox. However, she got pantsed this week and I'm cheering.

Haven't read Frey's book--I have my own inside source for the evils of drugs. Actually, that most of it is fiction is more appealing to me than a memoir. I've only read a couple of memoirs by one author, and I took most of them with a shot of grain alcohol--rather than the proverbial grain of salt, of course. (Salt bad. Except with tequila.)

I don't read memoirs for the same reason I don't watch all the confession shows, Real Life, Survivor, or any of it: I don't care. Give me Scrubs and Rome over that shit any day--all made up, but a hell of a lot more entertaining. And, lest you forget, TV is supposed to be entertaining. Oprah is just an entertainer. She's not a journalist or a shrink or an expert in anything other than taking your mind off your own pathetic little ant-life for an hour. She's an entertainer.

Here's a comment I wrote about Frey on another blog:

Frey cashed in on the phenom of the "Real-Life Media," a culture which Oprah herself played a huge part in building, and now she's mad that she got played like the rest of the morons who believe everything media marketing departments tell them.

Oprah looks like an idiot because she strayed from the entertainment business. We can only hope it will make her rethink her assinine book club.

Frey came out way ahead because he figured out the game and called everyone's bluff. My favorite part was how everyone said he looked like a deer caught in headlights yesterday. The man is a writer. That often precludes personality. Just sayin' is all. We're a reserved lot.

Shudder. Oprah. I'd almost take the Christian Right over her. Almost.

I bet Frey has banner book sales this weekend. I'm pretty sure I'll buy one just cuz.

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