Sorry to have neglected you so. I'm on a roll with the writing--twenty four pages and counting for this week. I've done better, of course. But since I'm coming off the block, I'm pretty happy. Considering I'm christmas shopping, among other, more stressful things, it's pretty damn good. I'm excited about the story.

After a bit of bad news yesterday I dreamed that one of my captives came out. Odd, that. Some captives, the screw sort, do come out sometimes if you don't keep them tightened. But mine are the clamp kind. I considered at one time having the end soldered into the little ball, but what would that prove? They already take tools to remove. Soldering would just determine which tool.

Got to wonder what the hell that dream means. Maybe I've lost something I never thought I would? Or maybe I just need another piercing? I have thought about getting the other cartilage done. Too much metal, PHF says. He's probably right, but I'm not known for restraint in... well, anything.

I'm going out tonight. Slinky top (rather see-thru, if you must know), jeans, and it's only about ten friggin degrees out. We have reservations at a restaurant, but I'm guessing we won't be all that reserved (padum dum). We aren't known for that once we get off without the kids. It's actually tradition that one of us will throw up. Ain't gonna be me, that's for sure. I made it through last weekend; I proved my worth. Let one of those other losers do it.

Last night was the preschool holiday program. Good thing I had kleenex with me. I always cry when little kids sing. Don't ask me why. It's just one of my more endearing qualities.

God this is boring. I'm stopping now and putting us all out of our misery. Back to Sean. He's more fun anyway.

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