Nothing like meeting with the critique group to shake the dusty cobwebs off old fears. They found all the silly things in my sub that first drafts are want to have, but most importantly, they liked it. Good writers liking your stuff is quite the moral boost.

I was negligent in the last post as to specifics of the source of my malaise. We are in a sort of in-betweener spot right now and I don't like waiting. Never been good at it.

Still waiting, but I feel easier tonight.

[Editor's note: All this stupid blather is just precurser to the real reason for posting tonight so close on the heels of Sex's collosal whine post]:

Announcing a new E-zine


shockingly good works of science fiction, fantasy, and the macabre

They pay a little for your work and it's brand new--first issue coming out in January, I believe. So all you creepoid/sf/fantasy writers out there (lurkers, every last one of ya--and I say that with the greatest of affection) go ahead and submit. You'll find a permanent link on my sidebar, as well as concise submission directions on the site. Read, write, submit... it's gonna be a good one.

I'm off to do what I call straight-writing. Rough draft stuff. I've been doing a lot of revising/rewriting lately and it's bringing me down. I need fresh words and new faces.

I need to see something happen for the very first time.

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