nice to meetcha

The Denver Press Club is across a parking lot, practically right next door, to the Diamond Cabaret, which Denverites know and others might gleem from the name is a strip club, fairly chic as these places go. I'm sure that the owners would dispute my use of of an adverb modifier in this circumstance, but you know, you can't just throw lots of velvet and a dress code at a place and have it make up for several naked, semi-attractive women dancing on poles. The drinks are way expensive too. But I digress.

After his talk the Award Winning Author With The Best Selling Book was tied up talking to some Press Club Groupie (heh, I could only wish to attain that status) and we were sort of waiting in a casual line to meet and greet him. My friend is an old friend of his, a work colleague.

Anyway, we were talking about how I got a bit lost finding the place and she laughed and said since it was me she should have just said the Press Club was by the Diamond Cabaret.


And I said, cuz we were on the subject and she's got a great sense of humor and would no doubt find hilarious how strippers and patrons alike always think I'm an off-duty stripper, "Actually, I've got a funny story from the last time I was at the Diamond Cabaret..."

And, of course, the AWAWTBSB chose that very moment to step up to our little group and say hello.

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