Today as I drove home after dropping the kids off at their respective schools I saw a firetruck--the big one with the ladder. I actually started to point it out... and then I realized that for the first time in nearly seven years I had no one in the car with me to point it out to.

What do you know, they do grow up too fast.

The next day:

When I told my friend (who still has a two year old at home) this story, she said, "Oh, Christ, just turn the music up loud and get over it."

And I told this story to my kids, and after working through the details of where I saw the firetruck, how many firemen were there, did they wave, what color, which specific trucks did I see, etc, I told them that I was sad because I didn't have any kids with me in the car at the time.

My daughter replied, sympathetically, "It's ok, Mommy, I'll go get you more kids."

Yeah. Cuz what I need are more kids.

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