what's warm and blue and fuzzy?

There's the stupidest skit on the radio right now. It's dumb. I know it's dumb. Really dumb. It's on the radio, for crying out loud. Radio skits are stupid, no matter how good the Bush voice is. Maybe it's early onset of senility, or I really have a lame sense of humor, but it makes me bust out laughing every time.

It goes like this: two guys are talking. Let's call them Greg and Jack, shall we?

Jack: I met the most smurfin' girl at this bar.
Greg: Smurf!

(See? I'm giggling already.)

Jack: Yeah, we smurfed in the parking lot.
Greg: No smurf, really? She let you, you know, smurf her?
Jack: Right in the (whispers) smurf.
Greg: No smurfin' way!
Jack: Smurfin-A she did.
Greg: Could I... you know, smurf her?
Jack: Smurf you, smurf!

It should be inherently annoying, but I think it's funny as hell.

I'm the only one, aren't I?

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