(|) to you

On Greg's blog, an interesting discussion ensued the other day on the site that I can no longer access. Amber sent a () to TG , who got, no lie, a bitch of a peice of news this weekend.

() was meant as a hug from Amber.

Greg thought it meant something else, and frankly, so did I - which likely says not good things about my constant state of mind and how I always seem to hang with the guys better than I hang with the girls. I'm also not so up on netspeak and symbology as some, being as I'm old and not all that cool. (Hot and sexy and all that, I mean, male or female, you'd want to do me the second you saw me. But I'm not so cool.) I'm certainly a blank slate when it comes to stuff like that.

There are a few Rosetta Stones out there to help, but the allure of the thing is really how it's often made up on the fly. We make our own communities and our own talky-talky. It's fun, even if people in 3D do think we're losers.

Amber writes: What does a () look like? Maybe we could turn it into one of those double entrede thingies.

Too late. The second it showed up in Haloscan it became one. Amber was hip to what it was supposed to mean; but there's an innocence about her that we've all grown to love.

Well, whatever, but the naughtier brand of () works quite well for my sort of sexually implicit brand of internet affection - especially for jackjACKJACK and Gregory Michael (who I still cannot see. Will I ever see him again? I'm worried). And Pete, and Krypto, and the Mayor, and Scott, and Luke, and all the hot Monkeys out there, and everyone else I've forgotten to list on this, theThird Day Of The Time Change.

To be clear (and I think I'm not alone in this) when I write () it sure as hell ain't no hug. (|) is even raunchier.

It means I like you.

An aside (newly enhanced rant as of noon MST) that has nothing to do with the above:

AOL is evil and a complete pain in the ass. I'm sure, like Microsoft, it's a plot by some demon-possessed sap who doesn't realize that girls don't really like him. Hey Jonnyboy! You're ugly and they just like you for your money! Speaking of, AOL is also a waste of that too. AOL is only a browser, of which there are plenty of free ones to select from. Trust me, the people at AOL are doing nothing that Yahoo isn't doing to earn your hard earned dollars and they are laughing themselves wet in the crotch all the way to the bank. It's just a simple electronic transfer... of your soul.

If you have AOL you probably won't get emails from me since I no longer bother since they always bounce. And you know I suck at calling people.

See? Even Scott thinks AOL sucks.

AOL sucks.

What the hell? I can't see Greg so anything else will just be a twist of the blade.

Blogger sucks too.

Thank you.

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