snowed in

Which is why I hate fucking April, and the whole fucking season of spring in Colorado. In general, this is the best place in the world to live. Balmy, mild weather - even in winter (shhh, don't tell any Californians - we got enough of their type around here), blue skies something like 325 days a year. But we get these snows in March and April that just suck. They break branches, make a mess of the roads, and damage early annuals. The snow is good for nothing - too sticky for decent boarding or even sledding, and the ground's so warm it melts too quick anyway.

This time everything is closed - all the major roads and all the stores... they closed the mall for crissake. The mall. Is nothing sacred?

I don't think PHF appreciated my pointing out the irony of his inability to get to the 4x4 Show in Denver due to the snow. When he didn't answer, I explained, "I mean, you know, those cars can go anywhere - off road, up Carnage, over five foot tall rocks, but a little snowstorm-"

"I get it."

I guess he's a little pissy over it.

Weekend Update:

Friday Night - the Indulgers. Not crowded - superb show actually. It was couple's night at the pub. No skin off my nose - I was with PHF anyway. But I notice that happens from time to time, the entire place is paired off. I was just commenting to Virtigo how I wore my new sexy top and I wasn't getting any looksies since everyone was a couple. She said, "That chick glared at you. Does that count?"

I get that sometimes - some chic walks by me and stares daggers at me. Seriously, I don't do anything. Ok, well, I guess their husbands check me out, but I don't do anything but wear sexy clothes and stand there; and even though the guys think it's for them, it's actually for the benefit of my husband. (PHF pretends not to notice, plays it all cool and shit, but I know he does.)

Besides, I can hardly be the only hot bitch in the place. Why do they pick me to loathe?

PHF thought we might have seen Vadergrrl last night in the pub. Even in the light of sobrietry I don't know if it was her or not. It could have been her - she lives in the Springs. But then, Virtigo thought she'd seen her at the pub before, so we didn't know. I'm gonna leave her a comment about it, and if it was her I'll be mad I didn't go say hi. But I just wasn't sure enough, and there was never the right opportunity - like both of us going for a smoke or a pee at the same time. Not that I didn't provide plenty of opportunity in the potty - I drank like a half-gallon of water when I worked out that day and my bladder apparently abruptly shrunk down to the size of a walnut. I think I went about every forty-five minutes.

Have I ever mentioned how much I truly dislike public restrooms?

Saturday night was at Virtigo's and BB's place, kids in tow. Yummy dinner and ice cream sundaes for desert. Yup, toppings and sprinkles and a cherry and everything. Everytime the kids came downstairs one of us would yell, "KIDS! Back upstairs! Go. Back. Upstairs."

Maybe they will get a package deal, four for the price of three, at some therapist in fifteen years.

We also cleaned up half a pan of rice crispie treats - even after the sundaes. Why? I don't know. Virtigo was being an "enabler" last night by shoving alcohol and junk food at me. Wine, beer, whiskey...good think I've got a monster tolerance and mixing doesn't bother me much. I slept until nine-thirty this morning and feel asleep mid-conversation with PHF last night. How embarrassing, since it was one of those conversations I started. (yes, an actual conversation. We do speak on occassion.)

But the fun of the night was watching Saved. If there was ever a movie for this crowd, Saved would be it. Like BB says, the end gets a little sappy, but the first half hour is priceless, well worth any tear-hiding at the end. (In my defense, I was drunk.) From the giant Jesus to the hipster principle who uses the word "phat", it's a rollicking good time. It's got McCauley (I know it's probably spelled wrong and I don't care enough to look it up.) Calkin in it - that guy just screams "abused by my faggot babysitter when I was little." There's something just... wrong about his face. I guess it's the symmetry. His eyes are freakish - they don't match or something, I don't even think they look the same direction - and his lips should headline at

But I liked the movie anyway. It totally made fun of the whole Jebus-freak contingent, which is always a good-humor-gimme.

We planned our trip to New Orleans for late May ...Luna, I'll be the chic with the long-haired husband, and yes, you'll want to scam me... I have the sexiest damn clothes to wear on that trip. I love traveling and it's been so long since I've been somewhere. No one knows me so I can carry a whole new persona for a weekend if I want. I think I've decided I'd like to get fucked in an elevator, a sort of anniversary commemoration, and my short green skirt should work nicely for that.

Onto more exciting things...

Today it was spring cleaning... my kitchen is shining - the cabinets are white again, the legs of the kitchen chairs are clean and gleaming, even some of the drawers got cleaned out. I scrubbed food off the walls (you kidless types seriously have no idea what's coming - and don't give me that bullshit about never having kids. You're the ones who always fall the hardest.) and now you can see that the baseboards actually do need to be painted again.

The rest of my day will be spent on that futuristic short story. It's going well, but I haven't looked at it in awhile. I need to get through the rough without working on other stuff. Not fair to leave Jack hanging, is it?

God, this post really was like an online diary. I touched on weather, cleaning and a movie I watched. How freakin' boring is that? And how bored must you be? If you're reading this then you just read that whole lame post.

Here's to a better post tomorrow.

Heh, I'll drink to that.

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