romance: 2. ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people; love

Responses to comments because I'm here instead of in haloscan at the moment:

Greg - Thanks, I knew you'd understand. A few kisses might make me feel better.
Satan - Look, we need to have a con-call about this whole suite reservation thing. I get that part of the charm of hell is how your company abuses it's customers... I get the gimmick. But this is ridiculous. Can I at least get an in-room blow drier? I mean, I know people (like the five or six who read this blog). You don't want to screw with me, beotch. Thanks.
Inland- My Yahoo homepage, mostly, but if I don't believe it I go hunting for others. Odd how they're not all alike. It's almost like they're complete fabrications or something.
TG- Hadn't thought of it like that. But I don't really go by Tiger myself. Tiger is a bad guy in my books... oooooohhhh.

And the horoscope fun just goes on:

"The stars turn up the volume on romance today. Are you ready for it?"

Odd, that, since PHF just left for the East Coast today. I guess his goodbye kiss was sweet... what I remember of it. Sure, it was romantic. Whatever.

(I made that up. He says he kisses me goodbye when he leaves at four am, and since I'm not really coherant before my first cup of tea I don't really remember it. I believe him, though. He's my husband, and of course I never question what he tells me. And I never make him change into his good jeans before going out or bitch at him for filling up our DVR with every single fucking Monster Garage episode those losers ever made.)

[Editor's note: Despite Sex's rather drippy indication otherwise, she actually is a demanding, bitchy prima-hag who deserves for PHF to leave her and find true happiness with... someone else. Someday he will realize who truly loves him; someday he'll be brave enough to act on his feelings for, er... her. Until then, my love...]

So, if the horoscope is actually true, it should read more like:

"The stars turn up the volume on romance today. Are you ready to lie to your husband and play a little CYA?"

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