i think i see a theme emerging here...

I recently posted the following comment on Elemenohpee because there Scott mentions that somebody else mentioned that the Catholics are sticking to their guns about their beliefs and if you don’t like it, you should just leave the church. (No shit. Let’s just switch up thousands of years of doctrine for you cause you’re a boy who like boys, eh?) (Now don't get your panties in a bunch, Thomas. I'm not defending the Church here, I'm just making a point.) ("Popey McPopesalot", heh. You're so silly.)

ANYWAY, Scott goes on to elaborate with this fabulous philosophical analogy, of course. Well done, Scott. I just don’t much go in for labeled belief systems. Or, perhaps I’m too lazy to recall all the names and definitions and specifics. Yeah, that’s probly it. But anyway, my comment...

“Ha ha, yes! I left the Methodist church because I drink and those folks don't.

Of course the Presbyterians only imbibe in moderation, and they think gays can be "corrected" with prayer, so perhaps that's not the right place for me either.

Actually, I really do truly believe in God, but Christ's ordeal saving my soul?? I admit I'm finding that little fable harder and harder to swallow. (heh, I just realized that it's a predominate theme in my books. Ha ha on me.)

So, perhaps I should just go Buddhist or something.

Does anybody know - do Buddhists drink?”

Well, do they?

Heh. No, actually, I don’t care. I’m not going Buddhist.

The thing that actually struck me was the part in parentheses about my books (because this is my blog and it’s all about me me me!) Goddamn if I’m NOT exploring the Theme (I guess it deserves to be capitalized, whether I believe it or not) in my books. Wow. What a revelation. I can’t tell you the ending, or I’d have to kill you yada yada, but one person besides me has read through the third book and I think she would agree with this emerging subconscious exploration. Actually I think she told me so before, and I poo-pooed her. Don’t you just love the word poo?

Of course, the fourth book – which she’s not read - gets even nuttier and the whole theme comes out in spades. I was horny for much of the six months I wrote the rough draft of #3 so there’s lots and lots of crazy sex in the third book. Ok, well, just lots. Anyway, it’s a nice distraction from the major themes, though there’s a couple of slap-you-in-the-face, catching-on-yet-dumbshit? clues at the end. And not quite in the way you'd expect either, so don't go thinking Whew! Now I don't have to buy all four books! if anybody ever buys the damn manuscripts from me.

Wow. No wonder it’s been so difficult to treat. It's the Big Kahuna. The Motherlode of all Themes. The tallest peak in the Western Theme Range. It’s all so clear now; well, not how to fix it, but why it’s been so damn testy to work with. That off-the-cuff statement on Scott’s blog explained a lot to me. This has been tackled before, by the Big Man himself. And frankly, the Bible doesn’t explain a lot of it. Oh, we hear the whole story all right, but we don’t get the feeling of what a soul-tearing sacrifice it is. Was. Whatever.

Really, what was God thinking?

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