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In his last post Lunatic refers to a certain issue of men's dressage in his last post ... now how did he put it?

you have to decide which way you are gonna wear your, ahem… penis. Left or right.

I must admit that Luna would the last person I would expect to be shy over the word penis. It's penis, Luna. Penis. Say it out loud with me. Penis. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Except I keep typing penish, and do you think that means anything?

Anyway, it got me to thinkin... Perhaps we need a new feature at SS@S. So I'm calling it the Sex Scenes at Starbucks Friday Morning Pole - misspelling intended (did you know misspell is one of the most misspelled words like, ever??) And guess what, you were all here at its conception. (Now, just because we call it the Friday Morning Pole, don't go expecting one every Friday morning. Or in the morning. Or even ever again.)


drum roll.

Come on, a fucking drum roll here.

Ah, there it is...

Which way do you dress?

I really want to say "which way do you swing?" but that's been taken. And I guess it's not really swinging... I guess the point is that the little bugger stays put and out of the way through out the day. And I don't have any idea why I'm curious, but I am. I'm sure I'm not the only one, and I'm sure if I am my friends won't let me think that I am, riiiight?

[editor's note: ss@s has taken on a decidedly sexual flavor of late and we are working hard to rectify the situation before we are invaded by a bunch of horny seventeen-year-olds. Ok, maybe for TG's sake, we'll wait until AFTER that happens to make any sudden changes.]

[additional editor's note: additionally, Sex attended a writer's group last night and was under the mistaken impression that giving out this URL to these upstanding citizens was a good idea. She says, from way over there in the kitchen where she's hiding because she's mortified (ok, she's not. She's just eating breakfast), "Uh, hi, guys. Now leave me the fuck alone so I can finish my tea." Don't take the last personally, it was directed at her kind editor who puts up with more shit than any hot-body ought to. I could so get paying work for someone actually famous enough to have attitude.]

**Later (while avoiding editing my synopsis for my first book so I can enter it into this contest)(why the contest? can't win if you don't play.) :

Some questions are occuring, what with the overwhelming response to this post so far(3 guys - and one of those was asked over the breakfast table and is apparently too busy to comment here.) I'm noticing a definite slant to the left. Is this due to politics? Right brain dominance? (get that thing away from me!) Sleeping habits?

PHF sleeps on his left because I kick him if he breathes on me. Seriously, his breath woke me up this morning. Guys are disgusting creatures. Why oh why do we crave them so?

Perhaps it's just the little guy's way of trying to escape the right hand, with which so many men prefer to masturbate. (We can't call it jacking off anymore cause of Jack, though if the shoe fits...)

(Say it along with me, Luna. Mas-tur-bate. Good job!)

Maybe it just has to do with hand dominance - a way for the body to find balance. So, I'll expand the pole (tee hee) to ask which handed you guys are. Let's try to find a reason for the leanin'!

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