who the hell cares about football when the players are naked?

We got to go to CU yesterday for a tour of the CU football stadium. An aquaintance's husband is the Director of Football there. Busy job, busy man. 100 hours a week during season. The program makes 34 mil a year, pays for all the other sports, and it's run like the business that it is. And yeah, he's been depositioned for the lawsuit and yeah he couldn't say anything and yeah he came off a bit defensive over the bad press. He's at Ground Zero, after all. The fallout has taken down the President of the University and the Athletic Director. But nobody's gonna touch Coach. He's gettin' the results after all. We got to see Coach's office and how they can digitally line up footage of plays next to the Xs and Os. Pretty cool technology.

And last year's bowl trophy was so heavy that our tour guide couldn't carry if off the field so he had to get a player to do it.

And the players actually earn a grade for playing - like it's an actual class. Football Studies or some such. Who knew?

But enough of that crap - I was more interested in the players. As in, looking at the players. They were all over - the spring season starts tomorrow. We met the running back, and a couple of coaches, and got our pic taken with the quarterback, Joel Klatt. Tall, blonde, personable... the sort of face and body that makes me wonder just how pissed off PHF would actually be if... er, well, nevermind. We exchanged glances a couple of times but I was the picture of decorum. He was the picture of pure yummaliciousness.

We saw another player trying to negotiate his way through all of our kids heading up the stairs. I told him, "Surely you can push your way through us."

He laughed.

They wouldn't take us in the locker rooms though. "There're nekkid people in there," he said, after checking.

"We're mothers," I said. "We've seen it all before." I was full of the quick quips yesterday.

But we got to go back into the weight room and the training room. No one was lifting, but there were some scantilly clad, barrel chested players in the hottub. Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

They stood up and grinned and waved at us mommys and kiddos. What a bunch of friendly guys.

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