what kind of drunk are you?

I slept in until 9 am today and now I get to go shower and go to Build a Bear!!! Yea! Coz what we need round here is more friggin' stuffed animals... And if I'm lucky the Lad and I will get to go see Robots. Double yea. I love kid movies.*

I took this quiz. I take internet quizes all the time but I don't post them because I don't want people to know what a loser I am.


Well, this one comes via a bloghop (coming soon to a blog near you!) "does not play well with others." There was so much to work with there, but the guy is actually pretty funny, so I'll refrain from bashing him on my blog in lieu of flirting with him on his blog. Anyway the quiz is What kind of drunk are you?

Which drunk are you?

You're hungarian kinda drunk

You're playin' the accordeon all night for family and friends and spreading drunken joy around you, you are a mentor to all of us pathetic losers...

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See? I knew it. I'm a freakin' mentor and you all are the losers. And here I was, thinkin' it was the other way around.

PHF doesn't know this yet but he's taking me out both nights this weekend and I'm getting smashed drunk. It's been, like, a whole week...

Fuckin' crud.

*sarcasm if you missed it.

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