sprint sucks

My connectivity sucks right now, so posting will be as erratic as this post. (Dare I say rambling musings? Or Musing ramblings?) No word on when they'll get their shit together. I plan on using that time to find another high-speed connection for my area.

The story is going well. Six pages so far and Jack is fleshing out a little more. He's not as sarcastic as I thought he would be... he's kind of sweet actually, but he tries to be tough and uncaring. How this personality trait fits into the story I don't know yet, but it will. It always does.


Heh, I just found that key again. ~~~~~~~~~~


Cause I like everything wrapped up in neat packages:
Ok, I could give a shit about neat packages (well, except for that sort of package). But I do appreciate multiples of ten. Ok, I don't, unless we're talking about orgasms or fingers to suck on...

Oh fuck it. It's been three days and I'm getting ansy.

100. I wear my watch crystal to the inside of my wrist. Always have done. The character Aidan from the books do too, but his is all scratched cause he wears cheap watches. Mine is a diving watch (though I don't dive ~shudder~) with practically an indestructable crystal.

Heh. Ironic, that.

101. I hate deep under the water and the undersides of boats and docks, especially in the ocean - snorkeling would rank up there with country music for me - even though I love the water and boats and I grew up in a sailing family. (Ok, granted, I'm more for the beer that goes with the sailing, but the sailing is fun too.)

There, aren't you glad you all know that? Don't you feel complete? I know I do.


Today's horoscope:

This situation isn't all about you.

Well, knock me over with a used feeding tube; it's not?? WTF??

Okay, now that the melodrama is at least quieter, if not entirely over, you can relax. Fortunately, a certain someone will be only too happy to distract you. And you'll be only too happy to take them up on it.

Odly enough, there was a melodrama yesterday. But oooo, a distraction. That sounds promising... As long as he's the sort who's an attentive kisser.

Shitfuckdamn. It's probably the shoe shopping for the six year old that I have to do. Shoe shopping with kids always drives me to distraction. What does that even really mean anyway? I usually use "drives me to drink" because it's at least honest.


Finally a joke from my three year old - which I can type in my sleep because she tells it alllllllll day long. I'll write it verbatim:

KnockKnock - Say who's there!
Who's there?
Coconut in the coconut tree.
No, Monkey, you're supposed to say, Coconut. And then I say, Coconut who?
And THEN you say Coconut in the coconut tree.

Not that it's funny or makes sense, but she's three and has excellent verbal skills.

That's supposedly a good thing.

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