spring break

Dumbgasm is on Spring Break in FL. He posts pix almost daily. No, not bewbies. They're more like his buddies throwing a baseball on the beach. (Isn't it supposed to be frisbies?) There's one of him laying out on the beach. He's very skinny and very pale.

Shit, I'm going to need asthetic therapy.

Anyway, it's a curious group - five guys and a relatively cute chic (well, she looks cute from the back - maybe she's got a harelip or something.)

Dumbgasm wears short-shorts to tan in, and complains that he might show more than he means to sometimes, so he'll have to be careful. It's all for Trent's benefit, I'm sure.

I got to see Trent, too. He's actually not awful. Dumbgasm obviously has a total crush on the dude, and Trent actually doesn't look all that gay. But then, in the pic where they're playing volleyball they all look quite gay, like they are hitting the ball as if they don't want to break a nail. Dumbgasm even says:

Look! My hands are doing nothing.

He must have just had a manicure at the spa.

They also played poker last night, and he called it Christian Poker. Does anybody know what that means? I thought gambling was off for the die-hards. But maybe they were going to donate the pot to charity or something.

Spring Break is wasted on the young. They clearly have no idea what fun is.


Jack said...

I'm tired of this... Let the poor guy go.

Lunatic said...

Just post a link already. the spike he gets in traffic will make his sticker peck out.

Greg said...

poor guy needs to come out of the closet already.

T Kwong said...

I think the only thing more pathetic than the way this guy sounds is the fact that you're talking about it, still.

I was going to bike to Duluth, but no one wanted to sub for my shift, can't imagine.


That Girl said...

I think I feel bad for him. That's got nothing to do with you, Sex, it's his own fault. i like watching a trainwreck. Can you just e-mail me the link????? PLEASE? I promise not to share.

The Book Of Mikey said...

A word, and then nothing more.
I don't wish the link and for those who beg for it, get used to disappointment.
One day clownshoes, you too may see the creative, didatic brilliance at play here for your enjoyment.
When you do, you will see, what the enlightened already know.
Till then, chill.

Lunatic said...

What the fuck are you talking about?

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Mikey's a bit odd, but he means well.

T Kwong said...

Or he's wasted and doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.


sex scenes at starbucks said...

well, there is that...

Fire Faerie said...

Whoa, B.
Restless, Ruthless, Readers! Dang. Is your ego still in tact? If not, we should go to the gym and lift together. You can make me look stupid. : )

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Last time I was at the gym I was lamblasted by chics talking about how they don't want to lift because they don't bulk up.

I couldn't help but take it personally... Apparently skinny weakling females are very much in vogue.

The Book Of Mikey said...

Oddly, I do like to drink. It never made this kind of sense before.
Ironically, there were no skinny, weakling chicks in En Vogue.