happy easter. run, bunny, run!


I've got an easter color-themed post for today. First of all, I'm eating a Seroogy's Easter Egg, and if any of you know what that is, you'll be drooling fer sure. Let's hear it for Wisconsin! It's fudge and it's got a little yellow (or yeddow, if you're under five) flower on it. And my name in cursive: "Sex."

Nah, it's got my real name. My mommy brought it for me, didn't she?


From Dumbgasm we hear:

"I got a comfy chair for my garage room. I'll upload a picture soon. It's pink.
I hear that pink is the new grey. (or gray)."

Funny how with a bit of editing it'd make a little poem.

Got a comfy chair for my new room
I'll upload a picture soon.
I hear that pink is the new grey.
And I'm pretty sure I'm gay.

Be sure to read it out loud. Poetry is meant to be heard.

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that's funny, because I'm laughing my ass off right now. How embarrassing if I'm the only one. But I think it's worth blowing off the "no poetry" rule.


The guys at Blogger are gonna get whomped upside their heads if they don't fix the fucking comments soon. I'll tan thier hides purple. The commentbox is the lifeline of Pajamaland. (We had a little debate over what to call Blogville on another post - damned if I can recall which one - and so I'm experimenting.)

In case I don't get to it soon:
Greg and Jack re: my last post-
Quit fighting, boys, there's enough Sex to go around.
And yeah, it's all true on that last post, every last word.

Greg and Jack, re: Greg's last post-
What do you say to the three of us getting together for a little 'experimenting"?


Amber Lynn said...

Spring is in the air!!! We are celebrating the sunshine over at my place. Dress for a party, Star!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Is that my horoscope or an invitation?

Greg said...


Sex, your poem came attatched with a swift hilarious kick to my nuts. It's funny on so many levels, but mostly because its true.

You're funny when you're random. It makes me want to perform random acts of copulation in random public places.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

With me, I hope!!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Now that I can type comments again:

"Fucking Blogger..."

Greg said...

[you] was implied.