ah, new car smell...

We've made a few changes here at SS@S. I'm only writing this because I'm bored and too sick to do much else (not a word, Greg. Not one word.) I added a blogroll - yup, little ole me cuttin' and pastin' away. Apparently I chose the most trimmed down, budget template that Blogspot has, because it came with nothing like a links list or fancy editing buttons. Gots to do it all by hand.

But that's ok; I'm good with tools.

Yeah, those kind of tools, too.

Anyway, these are the folks I read. There are a few others I check from time to time, but these are the regulars. Blogrolls have become popularity contests of a sort, which is why I resisted posting one, but finally I decided I was bored enough to take the time to look into it.

Haloscan - self explanitory. I'm really getting off on changing that up, so it may take a few days to settle. Monkey-lass's fav color is purple, so that's why it's purple. I happen to not like purple so much, but I'm trying.

The Celtic Knot is mostly symbolic of my books; but also of blogs in general. Our paths cross like the lines in the knot, sending us through and over and under each other; but only for an instant. We always have to keep moving and we never get the chance to get too involved. Sometimes it looks like a tangled mess, and sometimes it makes a crazy sense, but we all manage to make a beautiful, cohesive whole.

That, and I just really dig the way it looks.

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