you're beautiful

I got to see a face today that I've wanted to see for awhile. It actually didn't surprise me in the way it might've. Not just because he's described himself so well (he has), or that he's as cute/hot/pick-your-flavor as I'd imagined (he is). It's more how his face matches his words. I wrote this in a comment, but of course, Me the Novelist, needed to elaborate. His words are beautiful, eloquent, thoughtful and often serious, but nearly always with an underlying jab of humor; and his face looks exactly like that. If I saw him on the street I'd think, He's thoughtful and kinda serious, but I bet he's got a great sense of humor. His words belie his tender years, and so does his face. I hate to think of what put that age on his face, but thank God he's out of it now.

The only problem is mine, not his, but I'll share anyway. A slight bit of the specialness was missing since he posted his pic link on my blog, where, say a hundered people a day might run across it and check him out. I just hoped to be the only one. Or the only one for awhile. Selfish of me, yes, but there you are. I'm like that. I never professed to be one of those girls who are the "giving types." I pretty much just lay there in bed.

Ok, BAD analagy. To clarify, I DON'T just lay there in bed. I DO NOT.

At all.

By any stretch of the imagination.

However, I do like to think that I might have an appreciation for seeing his face that most others won't. We go back a little ways, and we've connected in a lot of ways. It's cool to know someone, but not know them, but still know you could actually be friends if you ever met up. We've got nothing in common, the least of which is 18 years between us (there, hon', there's a little gift for ya). We learn stuff from each other though. I don't think I've ever told him all I learn from him, but I do, nearly every time I read him; valuable things that give me hope. Don't even know why what he says gives me hope, but it does. Maybe it's all the flirting. He's a helluva good flirt.

It's especially not fair for me to think this way, wanting to be the only one, wanting to be the special "in-the-know" chic, because the one request (ok, one of two - but one goes unspoken) PHF made was, "No pics, please. I don't want anybody jacking off on your face, even if it's just a shitty deskjet copy off the internet. Especially if it's a shitty deskjet copy off the internet." He asks so little and tolerates so much. I can't, in good conscience, return the favor.

So, no pic to return, no cookies in the mail, no real connection between us but these stupid blogs. Only words, really. But powerful, huh? So I'll say thanks in the only way we've got here in Blogland. It's the right thing anyway.

Thanks, hon. I really appreciated it. You made my day.


Greg said...

Damn sex I don't know what to say. As a matter of fact I feel as if I shouldn't say anything and let you infer my sentiments, which I know won't be too hard knowing you and your intuitions. But here let me give you a hint, fucking thank you.

daniel said...

meeting people from online can be a very rewarding experience.. because, in reality you already met them.. just didn't shake their hand.

Nicest people I've ever met have been internet geeks. love em!

Made me smile reading those sentiments from you both. Nice stuff.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

yeah, you're right, cryp. greg and i do know each other pretty well, on a certain level. it's odd online, because there's so much you DON'T know about a person.

but then, it's like that in rl too, huh?

Lunatic said...

I have mixed feelings about this, so I'll post a no comment.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

you won't share your conflicting feelings? c'mon, looney.

That Girl said...

Feel the love! All warm n' fuzzy over here today!

Lunatic~ mixed feelings? I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Ha! Just kidding.

I don't do pictures either, Sex. I'll give a description to a T, but NO pics. I wish I saw Greg though...

Anonymous said...

Ok - what the hell happened to you????

Where's the swearing, the rude comments, the overjealous self-pontification of how the world works in your backyard?

Isn't that what we are paying you for?

Mushy - you can write like that? OMG, that is something I would have never thought possible. You got me and I step aside for your talent.

Love ya' sex, even if you are a tadbit sappy today. Keep writing damnit. And pontificate to the bloggest degree. I'm waiting to hear more... Kool Cathy

Lunatic said...

I don't know, I can't explain it.

I started to try but it looked like it was gonna be long so I'll post about it over at Luntic.

and TG- I've never heard a description.

Greg said...

sappiness is contagious. Sorry yall didn't catch it. But i felt the sap!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

tg- the link is in the comments, can't recall which one at the moment.

KC -read on

Looney- blogger claims that you can post comments as long as you want. Let's test it, shall we?

Greg- :) And sap is sticky too. Kinda like good sex. hmmm...