potty break

The latest from Dumbgasm, incriminating names edited out to protect the innocent, colors edited out to protect the brain cells:

Do you know the awkward feeling you get when you start talking to someone in the hallway, right before they head into the bathroom? It happens alot in [building]. Those bathrooms right there by the student lounge? Today I was walking past them, and someone I had made eye contact with and was about to greet to hung a left and went right into the womens bathroom. That was close. I almost said hello, which would have led to her standing with the door half open saying hi back. Creepy.

Creepy, indeed. If you're, like, twelve.

And a commentbox response:

I know how you feel. Today I was coming from the basement to our building and this girl was going to walk past me so I like stop and talked to her when I realized I was standing right in front of the bathroom door. So i felt kinda awkward as i figured out she wanted to go use the room.

On that note, I've got to go pee.


That Girl said...

What's creepy is when you're actually IN the bathroom, and you're on the pot, and your boss starts talking to you through the door. Freak. That's creepy. Is she listening or something? I only wish she'd catch me on the way in!

This, of course, is different for you guys. You bond in there or whatever a urinal inspires you to do.

Jack said...

You're using Dumbgasm simply to steal all his posts, add a nasty comment, and claim it as your own, aren't you?

me said...

How does Dumbgasm feel when someone starts talking to him right when he is about to go in his garage? This guy is priceless. You really should leak the link. If not, thanks for the updates, it's good stuff.

Greg said...

I think he just posted that paragraph so he had an excuse to mention that he was about to talk to a girl. As if... it was no big deal.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

wow, ok, new page here. nice... I guess. I do like how the comments show up now.

maybe it did it for everyone else all the time and never for me until today. for some reason I do seem to have inferior extras on my blog.

besides the point though:
TG- that's bloody odd about your boss, but at least it's a girl.
Jack- Yeah. (blink-blink) Does it turn you on, babe?
Me-still NO on the link. you could try flirting, but it hasn't worked in the past.
Greg- I think you're right-o, there, bub.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Wow, nice comment section. Wow look at all the room in here!

Anyway, I think dumbgasm made it up, he is even sicker than you thought because he has a "bathroom" fetish and is fantasising about it. And you didn't think we could make him sound even sicker did you?

That Girl said...

"that's bloody odd about your boss, but at least it's a girl."

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention she has a wife. And neither of them is lipstick. And she's telling me what I need to do when "I'm done in there." Hope that clarifies the creepiness.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

stay tuned, blue, it just got weirder.

Jack said...

"Jack- Yeah. (blink-blink) Does it turn you on, babe?"

Oh god, the double blink... Shit, time to change pants.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

TG- "neither of them is lipstick'

huh?? what does that mean?
I think she has a mother/
controlling complex. weirdo.

Jack: you cutie pie, you make my day.

That Girl said...

"Lipstick": Lipstick vs.lesbian. Hot, cute, girlie. See Jake for details. They're both pretty manly and that's creepy with her outside the door.