one for jack

I've been meaning to look up my first post because Jack (see sidebar for link - yeah, that guy) wrote a piece on first posts awhile back. Clever? Doubtful. But top marks for conciseness. It was just a wee quickie from way back in September:

I can't wait to see if I come up under sex in google. This could be a big responsibility.

Guess I should go google it, eh?

Ok, I'm back. But why ain't I first on the list? Oh well, eighth ain't bad, I guess.

Let's try just sex, shall we?

Holy fuck! 340,000,000 choices? I don't have the time to wade through all that!


Kyle said...

wow, good work on the google, thats great...

Lunatic said...

I did the same thing, looked back at my first post. It's gay but it was missing all of the elements pointed out by Mr. Spencer. I also googled me; there cannot be that many qualified Lunatics out there. Posers. I went through like 20 pages and gave up. Noone is ever gonna find me. Fuck 'em.

Todd said...

I'm sure I've got you all beat, and, yes, I don't mind bragging about my geekitude. My first post predates blogs by a decade. Back in the olden days, you see, there was a thing called Usenet. It served basically the same purpose as blogs do today - sharing information with total strangers around the world - though it had more of a bulletin board feel to it.

As near as I can tell, my first article posted for perusal to the whole online world was on October 7, 1990. It was, as these things usually are, unimportant, short, and non-noteworthy (except for being my first time).

sex scenes at starbucks said...

rather like sex, eh, Todd?

yes, you have us all beat in your utter geekness. But then we knew that already - those of us who know your face.

We love ya anyway!

Jack said...

Ah, Twin Peaks.

Release Season 2, dammit!

Linds said...

Glamazon, comes up with several different connotations when "Googled."

The majority of it being for "Bunny Glamazon, Female Dominatrix." Hence the need for me to change my previously decided on Design Firm name.