more proof that dumbgasm is repressing his gayness, as if we needed it

And I quote:

Trent and I are working on a recorder duet for something we've got coming up. It should be fun, I like playing my recorder. I encourage everyone to find their old recorder and play it. It is a great stress reliever.

I just don't get why he has to drag poor Trent along for his self-discovery ride.


That Girl said...

you sure he's not talking about the skin flute???

sex scenes at starbucks said...

makes you wonder. after all, you know that Trent, he's a hottie.

The Neurotic Monkey said...

Hey, don't knock him too bad. Recorders rock! I think history will prove me and that statement right. What really annoys me is that he totally stole the name "Dumbgasm" from me! Everyone knows that I started a bluegrass band with that name. I did not play the recorder in that band, however. I played the washboard. And let me tell you, I played the shit out of it.

Anyways, think yer blog's funny. And I'm glad I got a "pass" from your stinging tongue. Continue to attack poor Dumbgasm, it's the only way he'll learn.

Lunatic said...

I thought Sex made up Dumbgasm? That jackass isn't that witty. C'mon Sex give us the friggin' site already. I promise I'll be a good boy. That is unless you wanna give me a spankin'

Greg said...

Ya know The Beatles actually had a fifth band member who played the full-time recorder, but he died tragically in a bacon grease accident.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Neurotic - good to hear from you!
We call him Dumbgasm, he doesn't know we mock him, and Looney, Never Sober Man made up the term and I shamelessly stole it.

Greg- well, I'll be damned.

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