is there a beer coupon on the back of this ticket??

I've never been ticketed for speeding. The one time I was pulled over I was pregnant, and the girl cop said, "Shit," as soon as she saw me. Apparently it's tabboo to ticket pregger chicks.

Not to say I don't speed. Just the other day I turned to my mom and said, "How did it feel to go 120 just then?" (We have one faaaaast car, besides the Jeeps.) For the record, she didn't freak and didn't lecture. Well, not too much.

When we first built Beastie the Rubicon (real jeeps are built, not bought) PHF warned me about the shimmy of the tires when driving 55. Since he was being just the taddest bit patronizing (so unlike him!) I told him - in front of the guys who built the damn thing, "No shimmy at 55, hon. It's at 75." I have more miles in the thing than he does, and I drive it a hell of a lot better than he does anyway. (Here I'm trying to spur him to comment. Let's see if it works.)

PHF doesn't really like when I drive us because I drive so fast. I love the rumble-grumble roar (very lo-rent) of the engine in my Jeep (chipped V8 with an air intake) and it's just fun as hell, anyway. He drives fast on occassion too, but not as regular as me. He's been pulled over a couple of times but neither of us have ever been ticketed. When we do we'll have to throw a big party, I guess. As if we need an excuse.

Anyway, the guys over at Beer Drinkers Society have learned a thing or two about cops pulling one over, and they have graced Blogland with a few words of advice. Go take a gander. They're good people and they know of which they speak.


luke said...

hey put up a pic of 'ol Beastie will ya? I learned to drive in a jeep. Now I have a little car and a chip on my shoulder about it. ps thanks for the link to the beer drinkers page.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

PHF doesn't want MY pic on the internet, but Beastie, his one and only true love... now that's different. He's a big 'un. 35s, big lift, winch, wench (me), and all the tricks. I'll look around for a pic.

Greg said...

I've never been pulled over. I'm a little speedracer too. Granted I've only been driving for 3 years, but cops would rather pull over the blacks and mexicans down here. They leave me alone and let me bump my beatles.

T Kwong said...

Real Jeeps are built not bought, right on, sex.

I like my engines quiet, though. Not dead quiet, you understnad, but I like my engines to purr, not sound like I have no muffler. I just had to sell my Audi too...


sex scenes at starbucks said...

my jeep doesn't sound like it's missing a muffler -it just sounds like it's got a big-ass tuned engine.

the jeep above actually kinda whines from his air intake.

yes, beastie is a whiner.