i got questions, you got answers

Stole this idea from Amber Lynn. I realized I do have questions. So going on down my personal blogroll:

King Al- Where the hell are you!!?

Death - Nothing really to ask, but you are one cool cat.

Cryptic - How old are you? And, tell me the truth now, you really do get picked up in bars all the time, dontcha? Too cute not to.

Greg - What are you gonna be when you grow up? And do you have a Chinese middle name? (That would be kick-ass.) And are you really nineteen? You seem too damn mature and shit. (Way more than me.)

Jack - What are you gonna be when you grow up? And what d'ya look like - just basics, ya know, brown or blonde? And is your name really Jack Spencer?
Hmm, maybe if it isn't I don't want to know...

Jake, Kyle, Pete, Never Sober, etc... who of you live together? I'm confused and too lazy to research all your blogs.

Lunatic - How many, you reckon? Thirty? Fifty? And what is it about you?

Mayor- What's your ulterior motive? (Because I know you've got one!) Are you married?

La Chat - who are all the initials on your blog for - I can't figure them out. Is that a boyfriend or husband or what? Ditto on the lazy thing.

Blue- what would you do if you could do whatever you wanted?

Monkey - What do you do in RL? (don't have to be specific - you know, desk monkey or truck monkey or whatever?) What's your favorite hobby/pasttime/sport (and blogging isn't a sport!)

Krypto - What did you do this weekend?? And if things were different, would you let me come "put you out of your misery"?

BDS - How many still live in Goddard?

All others:
If I know you; tell me something about yourself that I don't know.
If I don't:
Got somebody? What's the one thing you hate about them?
Don't got? Do you ever hook-up just for fun without intention to call? And is it really great?...


The Mayor said...

O.K, I'll go first. I'm not too sure what you mean when you say ulterior motive. And, I'm not married.

Lunatic said...

Hee hee, that's a loaded question, but I can honestly say I don't know, 'cause I don't know the exact number. You would probably be surprised by my best guess though.

I'm not sure what it is about me, I have wondered the same thing. I think maybe it's the perfect amount of I don't give a fuck.

Krypto said...

I was a good little blogger and wrote about the whoooole thing already. I even included a Part III this time.

If things were different, sure. We could make like the elves, if you think you could keep up.

daniel said...

Turn 25 in april.

Sadly, I don't. *Must remember to wash*

daniel said...

holy shit you can blog. I have some ketchup to do.

Greg said...

sex, to be quite honest I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. Really. When everybody was wearing diapers and speaking of becoming astronauts, I would say i wanted to become a farmer. I was avoiding the question really. I think I'd make a good shrink though. But that's much school work.

I am now taking suggestions for what profession i should pursue.

And yes I am 19. My facial skin still looks like it came from a baby's ass, remember? But thanks for the compliment, most people would beg to differ, but I know you mean mature in a different sense. Cuz afterall, I can't say the word poop without laughing. Ya know it still reads poop if you spelled it backwards?

jake said...

Pete, Kyle and Jake are roomates. There are three other guys living in the house as well, none of whom maintain blogs. NSM went to H.S. with us, goes to college in the same town as us and shows up at our house at completely random times (always when we are drinking). Luke went to H.S. and college with us and was a roomate. However, he applied himself and finished college in a timely fashion. The rest of us are still drinking our way through college. Hopefully that helps.

Never Sober Man said...

Hey, I've shown up at your place when you weren't drinking, I don't think I've ever been there without drinking, but fuck, it is college afterall, spare the booze, spoil the liver.

Greg said...

Middle name is "Micheal". If it were chinese I would have "forgotten" it.

T Kwong said...

Now that's just embarassing for everyone.


luke said...

jake - a full-time job and the bullshit that goes on in this frikkin sport creates a whole new need for the booze. its not just for breakfast anymore. but thanks for the compliment of me "applying" myself.

Monkey said...

Monkey - What do you do in RL? (don't have to be specific - you know, desk monkey or truck monkey or whatever?) What's your favorite hobby/pasttime/sport (and blogging isn't a sport!)I am a former telecom computer programmer - moved to Montana to simplify my life some - and now work at a ranch in the kitchen! (Sounds almost like a novel doesn't it!?) No more computer-geek-monkey for me - now a kitchen-hand-monkey and loving it and Montana!

Hobbies? Wow - lots - I love playing on my Mac - I work out almost 6 days a week - pumping iron - you'd be amazed if you saw my body - hell I'M amazed. I don't do much TV, if I read I fall asleep. I've lived all over the world, am a former US Navy man. I love blogging, I love thinking - I love laughing but believe it or not don't bust out laughing that much - but seem to get others laughing a lot of times. I write some, I paint (Oil), I do sculpture (just learning - not so great yet) I love dogs and cats both, love my family and just living life and enjoying the craziness around me. (some of it I create)

Jack said...

"What are you gonna be when you grow up?"


" And what d'ya look like - just basics, ya know, brown or blonde?"

I'm a blondie, though it's dark enough to be brown in certain lighting. I'm tall, somewhat lanky, though not wiry. I don't look like a belong in Interpol. I'm skinny but with a belly, which believe me is the most fun combination on Earth.

" And is your name really Jack Spencer?"

My real name is John, but I've been Jack all my life. It was kind of a shitty thing: My parents wanted to name me Jack, but thought it would be cool if I had a nickname. So they named me John as my "real" name and called me Jack forever. It's a bitch sometimes as some of my cards or important info lists me as "John" and some as "Jack", so people who aren't aware that one the latter is a nickname for the former get confused mighty easily.

So, in a word, yes.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

"Blue- what would you do if you could do whatever you wanted?"

A movie director

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Mayor - ever the politician, aren't we?

Lunatic - ok, best guess then. Or... is it a LOW number??

Krypto - see your blog and don't try to bait me with snide comments. somebody's getting pretty cocky since he got a number...

Cryptic - you should come here then, since the chics here think you are hot.

Yes, I write a ton, all the time. This lil' blog aint nothin to the fiction. Generally though, lots o' blog means little fiction, and vice versa.

Greg - GREGORY MICHEAL!! has such a nice ring to it for when you're in trouble. Kudos to Mom and Dad.

Jake -thanks for clearing that up. hmm, six twenty-some cute guys in one house... yummy.

tommabomma-memimo-momma - all ya gotta say is "tommy" buddy, and it can all be over.I forgot your question!!

D'ya want to be a dj or what? And why d'ya love music so much?

Monkey - wow. floored. awesome, monkey! Sounds like you work out about as much as me. I bet you ARE a hot monkey.

Jack - yeah, parents think they are so fucking clever.

blonde huh? hmmm, different than I thought, but good, very good...

Blue - can I be in it??

Ha ha just kidding. I suck at acting.

T Kwong said...

Fuck that shit. What you're layin' down ain't nuthin' I haven't seen before. Although you do get awesome points for not using the same nick-name twice. Jack's, "nickname," as long as we're here, has confused me since the day I met him and discovered he wasn't really a Jack.

Technically, I already am a DJ, but if I had the opprotunity to get paid more with the amount of freedom I have now (which will never happen) full time, I'd quit school right now. I love music for the same reason anyone is, it really does something for me.


CraigBDS said...

I know this was to see if we read your stuff...and we do...and none of us live in Goddard anymore but most of our folks live within 2 beers at 55 mph.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

You guys have commented; I know you read. I'm mostly just curious all the time about people. And nosy. Really nosy. These questions are the (polite) tip of the iceberg.