he's at it again

I'm pretty sure he's gay. Repressed, maybe, but Dumbgasm is on his way to admitting it. My theory is that he is escaping the house with four or six roommates to hide his nighttime "activities" in the garage. Dunno for sure, but I got this feeling...

He mentions it all the time. I'll pull a few quotes:

A recent title:

This title has no relation to the post and we all know that Jack is the only one who got permission from Blogger to do that.

And another:

Odd that there is a different lifestyle for me right now.
Not that kind of lifestyle.
A single lifestyle.

Kinda makes a point of it, doesn't he??

Then, of course, there was that whole Trent thing.

I think he might be coming to grips with it though. He had a singles party for S&BJ Day and they had to wear pink to get in. So he had the pinkest of the pink. There's a pic, even. I looked at it really close, thought No, it can't be, and then blew it up to look at it bigger.

Yup. Same Old Navy t-shirt as my daughter.


Greg said...

Yeah definately gay. People don't joke about being gay unless they're very secure with their sexuality, like me. This guy doesn't sound secure, this guy just sounds gay.

Lunatic said...

I bet it sucks (no pun intended) to be gay. Well, a gay man anyway.

That Girl said...

I've Googled "waterbed in the garage blog" (outside of quotes) in a desperate attempt to read this thing for myself! THIS is what I got. HAhaha! You're #1!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Heh, well done.

No, I'm still not giving you the link.