gone fishin

Per request, anon comments have been re-added. Please don't be a big fucking pussy and not say who you are, though. That's just lame.

Ok, the following three posts should keep you busy until my return. I love you all...
Just try not to have too many squabbles in the commentbox; and what, were you raised in a barn?? Pick up after yourself, brush your teeth, and push your chair in.


Stray said...

So who requested the anomamous comments? Don't tell me, the weasel didn't leave a name?


sex scenes at starbucks said...

Hi Stray!! Good to hear from you!

Nah, it's a friend. And she's not a wanker. Well, not most of the time anyway. :P

Vadergrrrl said...

hey colorado grrrl. we must hook up soon.