writing tests

Another clue about the truth game:

My worthless degree is in Education; in fact, I nearly have a master's degree in a field I will never again practice. (More useful: the 38 hours in English. But I digress.) While wasting five long years and my parent's money earning this degree, I took a few classes in measuring student progress; and more specifically, a class in writing tests. I've found I can beat many tests because I know the pitfalls people make when writing them. I also know what misleads students.

Just keep it in mind, hee hee.

Scores returned tomorrow.


kissonthemouth:coughdownoursleeves said...

Your site scares me.

luke said...

If you really know how to beat test, and how to create pitfalls, than with the true-false questions, you should be able to trick more than 50 % of us into getting the questions wrong. Because if more than 50% of us get them right, then we are really beating YOU!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

anecdotally, I'm there, I think, but the math will tell. i always sucked at stats anyway, so whatever.

for you more-for-math, not-so-much-for-social-interraction types (not you, though, Luke), the above post is what's known as baiting.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

kiss - i scare you? little old me?? why??

we are both leos and like some of the same tunes, so i dunno what to tell ya.

Drink More Jack said...

I was told just the other day that if you just read the first two and then the last two pages of every chapter, then you will pass most exams. Damn, where was that advice when was in college.

live2-learn said...

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