it's cold here, how 'bout that

This morning when I took my temp it was 92.7 (33.7 C). No shit. I took it again and I warmed up a bit, to the 94s. Shouldn't I be dead or something? (I'm trying hard not to die, Thomas!)

My current temperature is just over 95 F (or 35 C):

Other places that are 95 F (or thereabouts) are:
Renmark, Australia
Birao, Central African Republic
Barra, Brazil

I bet those folks are wearing shorts and flipflops, what do you bet? I, for one, am freezing my ass off in jeans and a sweatshirt!

Who gonna come warm me up??


Vir.ti.go said...

You poor thing! Have a shot of whiskey and curl up in a warm blanket. Stay away from the beer. It'll just make you feel even colder. Unless you have a lot, then you won't care.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Thanks for the sympathy. There's whiskey at my elbow as I type this. However, no takers on keeping me warm, dammit!! Well, I know Cryptic is gone, Greg responded by asking me to LA for raunchy sex (but on his blog) but no Jack? Hello, out there... I'm cold.

daniel said...

Cryptic is back......


Cryptic is gone for a week or so!

Jack said...

Hey, I'm ready and/or willing whenever you please, baby. Say the word, maybe even a couple of words, and I'll be more than ready to keep you warm for the night. Then when can have a good old angry cuddle and bitch at the world for all its annoying little foibles. I'll rant on the genius of Fyvush Finkel whilst you give me an awesome backrub... I've got it all planned in my head, see. Then we can cap it all off with a simultaneous blog post about it... What a grand night that shall be.

Sam said...

I pose this question--Are the brain cells currently residing in your skull wearing shorts and flip-flops?

If your sickness gets out of hand, try drinking a huge carafe of echinacea tea (they have a mint one that's really good--you can get it anywhere)--I guarantee this will make your throat feel better, it's totally holisitic (natch) and has no side effects. The whole genital thing was related to "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," I was putting it in the context of blogs...Sorry to be so random, I'll get more interesting as slowly stop worrying about making a fool of myself in front of new blogger friends LOL...FEEL BETTER!

Greg said...

Do I smell a slacker? Yes, i smell a slacker. Look ma'am I'm sorry it's cold, i know you can't feel your fingers very well, so either come down here to LA *wink* or start typing. Either way, the hibernation stops!

T Kwong said...

You don't actually die until about 105 (give or take), so you're okay... for now...

I'd come warm your chills, baby, but you migh burn me up, burning hot-ness and all (fever or looks, you decide!).

It's a good thing Eva (I'm sorry if that's wrong, I never learned how to write her name, I'm guessing) so progressive, J.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Jack- Grand, just grand. I know what I'll be dreaming tonight.

Greg - Leeet's see, what was yourlatest post again?... Oh, yeah, it's a RE-RUN!

Sam- Too sweet. Sorry I missed the genital reference - I MUST have been sick - usually when it comes to something like that I catch right on. But don't bother being shy. We're all friends here.

And finally, *sigh*, Cryptic - I'll be right here when you get back.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Whoops, Thomas, I nearly forgot you!
It's definitely the looks, babe. Definitely.

Jack said...

"It's a good thing Eva (I'm sorry if that's wrong, I never learned how to write her name, I'm guessing) so progressive, J."

You spelled it right. Congrats!

I'm sure as soon as she saw Starbucks she'd understand.

Jacob said...

Its 8 degrees here. Oh and "here" is Camp Hovey, Korea.

"And to your left you will see communist N. Korea, dont look to long now, they will shoot you."

daniel said...

flip-flops? nooo.. THONGS! Thongs and Thongs.
Underwear is g-string not thongs.
flip's are thongs not g-bangers