happy friday to you (unless its saturday where you are, or if you don't read this until next monday when you're at work...)

Today's horoscope copied directly from yahoo:

Quickie: Sometimes hints work. But this isn't one of those times. Make your intentions known.

This is good advice. I find it's best to not mince words when one wants a quickie, don't you?


Still mourning the loss of my anon sexblog, Pillowtalk. Due to a technical error (ok, me not paying attention) it had to be put out of its misery with a 9 mm delete key.


I like to use my considerable influence and talent between the silk sheets (whoops, heard that did you?) to help the little guy rise up...

Ok, enough. Check it out.

Vertigo's gone and had herself a wee baby blog. And, best of all, we're blog-twins! (Yes, we called each other to see what the other was wearing and we planned it that way. Aren't we hot?) She's BB's better half, btw, and a way fun hipster chickster. (Yes, yes, BB, I know I'm the negative influence. My bad.)


Sometime when PHF has time, I'll dig up the GDFHTML to put a blogroll over there <---and he can figure out where to stick it (tee hee). Or, not. Probably not. I'm big on trying to please everyone all the time and failing to please hardly anybody most of the time. That's a fucked up sentence, if you didn't notice. That's how I speak in rl. An orator, I'm not.


Also don't forget to vote for Monkey every day!! He's the coolest Monkey you ever met.


Iiiii'm partyin' toni-ight and yoooouuu'rrre no-ot. Ok, so maybe you are. Good luck with that.


KR said...

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with EVERYONE partying tonight! Have fun! :o)

Vir.ti.go said...

I'm partin' tomorrow night! With you! Don't know if BB is gonna make it or not (due to "family matters")but m-in-l already said she would watch the kidlets so I'm OUTTA here!!!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

KR- Aw, I was just bein' mean to my underage audience.

Virtigo- YEA! Now all we need is a driver. Hmmm. (Anyone out there want to volunteer?)

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Also, BB is invited for PS2 on Saturday, as well as for a sleepover, if he so wishes. You too, if you want. We'll have a "thing."

Shit, I guess I *could* pick up the fucking phone.

T Kwong said...

You could always blame blogger for not drawing your attention to the profile you were using. Why blame yourself, when you could blame Blogger instead, rationalize, damnit.

I partayed on Friday night and I partayed fo' free (beverages, art, and band included), so there.


Anonymous said...

Good for little old you. (sorry, I'm hungover.) (Ok, not really. I don't get hungover. I'm just naturally nasty with my retorts. But I'm typing this with a :) on my face.)

Yes, I'll blame Blogger. Goddamn blogger!!

Except it has a way of getting back at me. I know I'll pay for that.

T Kwong said...

That's all right. I write, "fuck you," a lot, but I'm laughing while I do it.


daniel said...


bring back pillowtalk!


sex scenes at starbucks said...

It was hot, but no fun if folk know who you are, well sort of know... well, you know what I mean.

A shame really, you were going to have a staring role.