daily horoscope

Here at SS@S we've tried to include the Leo horoscope regularly. However, since most of the horoscopes run along the lines of:

Things will seem hazy and unclear, but if you ask more questions you will learn more.

we've been blowing it off.

In an effort to maintain our commitment we'll include today's, lame as it is:

Quickie: Life is not a controlled experiment. Things will not always go as planned.

Ooookay. Thanks. Well, we tried.

This one, though, is a bit more helpful:

Your natural charm is already lethal -- and right now, you'll be able to talk anyone into just about anything. Be careful, or you could end up needing to extract yourself from an extremely delicate situation.

Shit, I knew mentioning my dabbling in homosexuality would come back to bite me in the ass!! He he, after Cryp gets back and guesses, I'll post the answers. Or tomorrow. Whichever comes first.

Oh yeah: Guzundheit,Greg.


Greg said...

Oh i see, trying to push me buttons eh sex? Watch out or my soul might just fly out and beat you repeatedly over the head.

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