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A new feature of SS@S, you know, when I think to look at it. I happened to look at today's:

Overview: Family matters are draining and work hasn't exactly been a piece of cake, either. Still, you're proud of what you've accomplished. You wouldn't trade one minute for a day in the Bahamas.

Yeah, right. Let's see, which would I rather do?

Today's activities: Waking at 6 am to my two darling children, neither of whom ate breakfast because I happened to leave the last of the cookies (see previous post) on the counter. Took elder child to school, dropped him off, watched until he was safely delivered into classroom while enduring glares from annoyed SUVs behind me. (Did I mention it was about 10 degees this am?)

Scrounged snack for the little Monkey lass's class, headed into Boulder to work in her room. On the way there: "Momma, we're going to school?"
"Yeah, hon. We're going to your school."
"Then where's my backpack?" This from a two year old. Fucking smart genes. Didn't fucking come from me, that's for sure. (The backpack had a couple of important documents inside, as well as hat and mittens. But, to my credit, I remembered the snack!)

Helped at preschool, where two and a half hours lasted approximately DAYS. Reminded (pointlessly) again why I left teaching. Out of nine present kids: one was still in jammies, four cried for longer than fifteen minutes because mama left (haven't we been doing this for six months??), three threw toys (including my own monkey-lass), and one smelled like pee. Bad like pee.

Ate a meager lunch and posted.

Lifted at gym, no friends to talk with, no cute guys to look at, and so was bored out of my gourd. (The resolution crowd is out in force - more on that later.)

Endured after-school fit by elder child for just showing up at school to pick him up because apparently he was "s'posed to play with J---!" No one notified me. Elder child screamed in room for thirty minutes. (Before you go thinking I'm a pissy mom, he is going to play there tomorrow.)

Monkeylass took nap (there is a God in Heaven, after all) however, she was "reluctant" to awaken for swim lessons. By "reluctant" I mean she cried and sucked and blubbered on her Gigi (the disgusting, nasty blanket that is constantly soaked with her saliva) and did the Houdini trick where no one, and I mean NO ONE, is able to get her clothes off her to get her into a swimsuit. (She's perfected it over the years. As an infant she "houdinied" out of diapers. Now it's evolved into a talent where you can't get clothes on or off the girl. See, Monkey? She's a real monkey.) Though it broke the cardinal law of "All Blankets Shall Remain On Beds," Gigi accompanied us BACK to the gym, where several twenty-something guys' illusions about moi were shattered when they saw me dragging two whining kids in the door.

Goddamn, she's old, they thought. Hot, but old. (I can read minds, I'm a mother.)

McDonalds as a reward for swim lessons (no one cried during the lesson - an improvement over yesterday). The elder lad reminded me repeatedly in the drive-thru that he wanted a "SPRITE! DID YOU SAY SPRITE, MOM??" until I threatened to throw it out the window if he said the word "Sprite" again before we got home.

Shower, bedtime, crying because they couldn't stay up late. (I don't even know where that comes from. I am the queen of "kids-to-bed-early.") Then, sitting here writing and chatting a bit with Cryptic. (That part was actually pretty fun.)

Hmmm, all that or the Bahamas? Now, that's a tough one...


daniel said...

[quote]Hmmm, all that or the Bahamas? Now, that's a tough one..[/quote]

Naturally, you would choose chatting.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Only if it's with you.

me said...

You aren't alone, your days sound like some of mine. I'm a high school teacher that doesn't have the full time position yet, so that leaves me being a sub for all grades. 'nuff said. (which is the reason I am now in school to be a personal trainer, finishing in 2 months, yay! no more classrooms)

Between my roomie and me, that leaves two women, 27 and 29, a pre-teen boy who's hormones are freaking out these days, a 7 year old girl that has an attitude just like her mother (me), a 2 year old boy (again, enough said), and 2 dogs that live in the house.

It's a freaking sitcom around here every day and every night! Hang in there!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Ah, subbing. Yeah, I remember...

Krypto said...


sex scenes at starbucks said...

Teachers always were too "holier than thou" for me.

Haha. *Tag*, you're It, Krypto.

Vir.ti.go said...

Bahamas, definitely Bahamas. Or anywhere else on the planet that doesn't involve "family matters".