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I got this comment from Cryptic (who, btw, is the only one to have come even close to have figured out the multi-layered riddle that is Sex Scenes at Starbucks) and I think there were some questions in there. Oh, yeah, there they are. His comment is in bold, my responses in italics. I editted to make it easy to understand, while maintaining the spirit of his comment, which I enjoyed immensely. (Girlfriends, he's also an Aussie and totally cute. Rather looks like the lead characters in my book.)

well im sure all the 3-inch willied men are happy to know that passion goes a long way when their stiffy wont. So, you recon the guy asking the question is built like my thumb or was it hypothetical? Greg? I reckon he’s hung all right. Too much confidence for one so young. Here he quotes me: ”but do guys constantly stare at sevens?” Especially when the 7 is in the company of a 4 or 5 or 6. Gee, thanks, I think. Look, I was just giving Greg shit. I’m way hot. Again, PHF, feel free to dial in at any moment and tell them how hot I am...7's work.. but it all depends on your scale.. some people would rate a 7 a 5 and others a 9.. so it depends on standards... how long its been since you pierced the pork-sword... If by this you mean getting laid, then a couple days. If you mean… well, hell, what else could it mean? oh.. and how much you have drunk... That night? 3 whiskeys. I drink Bushmills neat when I’m out of beer, which I currently am. Or do you mean, how much have I drunk, like, ever?? I wouldn’t begin to know how to add it up. I like my alcohol. Perhaps a better answer would be: How much have you drunk? or what tablets have been taken? Sorry to disappoint, I don’t do drugs. I'd tried all that shit by about the time you learned to walk, Cryptic, and found it just doesn’t do it for me. Its not an easy answer to question or easy question to answer even. Ok, that’s just good humor. Personally I check out a good 7! Again, thanks. You would check me out. Everybody does.


daniel said...

Holy Cheeses!! (aka - swiss) I feel all important now! Guess that there is a first time for everything!

[quote]Oh, yeah, there they are.[/quote]
It will come to me... I like puzzles.

[quote]he's also an Aussie and totally cute.[/quote]
Apparently they teach this in spy-school.. the best way to fool your enemies is to give them a truth and follow it quickly with a lie.

[quote]Gee, thanks, I think.[/quote]
I was being a little facetious - which I shouldn't have been being, as you shouldn't be something that you can't spell (I had to go to to get the spelling)... but 7's are hot.
Personally, it all comes down to the sex appeal. I would take a 5 that oozed sex appeal over a 10 that had none anyday. Noone likes a starfish.

[quote]then a couple days.[/quote]
lucky sod.

[quote]Sorry to disappoint, I don’t do drugs[/quote]
that is not a disappointment. Infact far more the reverse. pills are for dills.

[quote]all that shit by about the time you learned to walk[/quote]
Ooh. experience.

[quote]You would check me out. Everybody does.[/quote]


sex scenes at starbucks said...

So, shouldn't you be in bed right now... or something?? I suck at time zones.

daniel said...

Nooo. 1am now.. and a few bevvies over dinner so I will be curling up to snore soon.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

To other readers - Do you notice that the times on the q and a are 12 hrs apart? I've had a night's sleep since we last talked, and he's been up working and partying since then, *cause he's on the other side of the frickin' world.*

THAT, chilluns, is why the internet kicks ass.