I stole this. Not giving credit. She was boring, but mine will be facinating. Feel free to rip this from my site and bastardize it to fit your needs.

Edited to include adult content, of course.

A - Age old enough to know a thing or ten

B - Band listening to right now NIN

C - Crush enough that they should be put in alphabetical order: Cryptic, Greg (except if he's sassy again he'd better watch it!), Jack, Jack, JACK!!, Krypto, oh, and most recently the guys at the Beer Drinkers Society. I'll link 'em sometime.

D - Devilish Deed - cutting off Pillowtalk mid-stroke.

E - Easiest person (to talk to is what she put, I'm just leaving it at easiest person) Lexi from Pillowtalk

F - Favorite face Huh? I guess this is supposed to be famous people. But for me no contest: PHF's.

G - gimpy? my right hand is continuously numb. Does that count?

H - Happy? deliriously

I - Instruments Of love or what? I'm not musical. Actually not true. I was diagnosed with near perfect pitch. I'm sure the shower tiles are thrilled by my performances.

K - Kids one of the few traditional acts of my life: a boy and a girl - and yes, they're completely adorable. I just don't talk about them too much to protect the innocent.

L - Longest car ride ever That said, anytime the kid(s) are crying in the back.

M - Missionary? eh... uninspiring.

N - Number of sexual partners? hmm, jeez it's been awhile and I was likely drunk at the time. Ten or so? I had a busy coupla years.

O - Outie or innie? transgender - it goes both ways. And no, that's not why I don't go bare midriff at the gym

P - Pets the occasional stray mouse

Q - What the hell? Q? I got nothin'.

R - Reasons to smile her answer: too many...friends, grp, fields to run around in or lay down in, trees, bubble wrap, bubbles, animals, toulee, little cute things, nature, etc- see what I mean by boring? my answer: My kiddos most of all. And sex makes me smile, so there. Well, it does, Greg. You should try it sometime.

S - Spit or swallow I know she says she likes it, but she's lying to your horny ass.

T - Time you wake up Betwixt 4 am and 7 am

U - Unknown fact about me I've been hit by a car.

V - Vices Smoking when I drink a lot, like in bars. I'm always drinking somethinoranother, but I only smoke out.

W - Weight ok, whatever, I can deal. 130 range - mostly muscle weight. No really, it is, I'm size 4-6.

X - X-rays you've had Once I swallowed a key and was xrayed. I was a little kid and the key looked HUGE next to my hip bone. If I had a copy of that xray I'd have it framed somewhere in my house.

Y - Yummy food whiskey, beer, the new white oreos, popcorn. At least those are the things that have left recent remnants on my desk.

Z - zippers or buttons on guy's jeans? who cares as long as it's undone


Greg said...

Oh cmon you know you like it when i tease, you little tease.

"Well, it does, Greg. You should try it sometime."

- totally uncalled for, totally below the belt. Hey, just cuz i don't talk about my sexscapades doesn't mean i ain't getting none, honey. And that ain't no 60% percent rule right there that's the trooof! Okay fine, it's been about 2 months. You happy now? I'll live.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

just tryin to get your rise up, baby.

T Kwong said...

But when are you not trying to get a rise out of everyone?

Betwixt 4 and 7 am? I thought I was the only one doing that 4 am shit on a regular basis. Work is sexy.


Inland, Dreaming said...

Here's a W idea:

Try him for your right hand. I've been going to him for 9 weeks, and he really does help straighten out the kinks. Also, he's extremely cute and fun to talk to.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Cute??? Screw the conversationalistic aspect - I'm there!!

Inland, Dreaming said...

There's only one weird thing about rolfing. You wear loose shorts and a bra, and you walk around in front of the rolfer that way before and after so that he can check whether you're "integrated." There's no changing while he's out of the room, as you would with a massage therapist. It's a little different.