why oh why do I surf blogs?

For a good laugh. Ok, not really, but if you're in the mood to get irritated. This guy is why people think conservatives are such assholes; because guess what! They are!

I went out and surfed. I know, I know... it's a waste of time and only serves to irritate, but by the post below you know I got time on my hands. I had a list, but this one takes the cake. Too funny. This is why I don't really fear the conservatives. They're kinda dumb, frankly, as evidenced by this guy.

I unfortunately spammed him with a repeat of comments since his commentbox or, more likely, Blogger, was all fucked up. I tried to delete some of them, but I have no idea what happened since going back to his site was less than fruitful. I'm sure I pissed him off one way or another. In case it was deleted, this is what I meant to say:

Hmm, I wonder what my son's Muslim classmates would think of the Nativity in front of school. Feelings of offence? Probably not. Feelings of exclusion? Perhaps. I think school, regardless of what institution runs it, should be the one place that makes ALL students feel included and welcomed. I'm a card carrying Christian, but I'll say with assurance that we ain't so great at that sort of thing.
But wait! We can put Buddha and that Hindu Monkey God guy out there, too. And the Virgin Mary for the Catholics, and Jesus on the cross with a pool of red paint at the bottom. And don't forget to make him dark skinned, since he was middle-eastern. No whitey Jesus for us. Historical correctness is important in front of a school... During Ramadan the kids can go without lunch. And we'll have to think of something for the athiests... maybe an unmarked grave?
Ok, sitting there and shutting up now.
Happy Christmas anyway.

To make up for this guy's ineptness at being a caring, decent human being, I'll speak of a couple who seem to have a noggin of sense:
One had decent poetry. (Gasp!)

Arms flailing wildly, sorry lost the link. She mentioned Browning. This girl has a future.

Ok. The shower has started. Got to go.


Scott B. said...

Ticked me off? No, as stated in my header, disagreements are welcome.
When I was in school, we had students from different religions too. Fact is, none complained about feeling "excluded" or had some right trampled on. During our Christmas parties, usually those students that didn't celebrate Christmas at home, still participated. An example would be if we had a student of Hindu faith, their parents would bring some type of dish for the class to enjoy, and would help out with crafts or whatever.
My point is, because of the litigative society we have, there just isn't a sense of community anymore.
Now, I'm not going to smut your blog with personal insults, nor am I going to retreat back to mine, and post an article smutting yours.
If you have a disagreement with my article posts, then by all means you're welcome to post.
I'm not going to get personal with you. In fact, if anything.. I hope you have the most joyous Christmas with your child a mother can have.

P.S. I can agree with you on one thing... Blog titles can be redundant.

sex scenes at starbucks said...
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sex scenes at starbucks said...

My son's class had a multicultural potluck in lieu of a "Christmas" celebration. They all brought dishes from their home country, or a dish from thier heritage, be it American or like us: German. Since the students came from so many backgrounds, everyone got to play an EQUAL part, including us CHRISTIANS. You still don't get it. A Christmas celebration with other people of other religions bringing a dish or "helping out with the crafts" still ISN'T FAIR. It isn't inclusive equally. It says, "Ok, we're having a Christmas celebration. You can partake if you like, or go home mad or whatever, but us Christians are the majority so the rest of you can just feel like the disadvantaged minority you are."
Oops, I was going to sit there and shut up. Damn, sorry.
Also, c'mon with the personal attacks. You know you wanna. I mean, shit, that's what's so fun about this whole blogging thing.
Golly, not having a Christmas party at school didn't affect our family's Christmas at all. Actually, what we did was great because now my six year old gets that there are other cultures and other religions - something I'll wager many Christian kids in this country don't realize. And also, guess what, us Christians are outnumbered in the world. And we do live on the PLANET, not just in the U.S.
And a Happy Christmas to all and to all a Good night. Ok, good morning. It's morning.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Oooo, fucking blogger did it again! And I can't trash it! Blogger makes me soooo mad sometimes. But then, we're all the bitches of Blogger, right? And what do you want for free?