speaking of 7-11

I have decided to keep a little better track of our wars. I've been very lax, and there are thousands of folks over there dying, getting injured, or being just plain uncomfortable so that Bush can be one of the "mentioned presidents" in high school history classes fifty years from now.

I heard this morning that over 9000 soldiers have been injured in Iraq. I poked around and couldn't find a current death toll... And, as we all know, everyone lost interest in Afghanastan as soon as Iraq came on the scene: it's the sexy, action-packed, sensationalistic new war on the block.

7-11 is selling these army-green bracelets. They're like the Lance Armstrong ones, only they are more expensive and not as cool-looking. Part of the proceeds go to the USO. They provide items of comfort and entertainment/recreation services to soldiers overseas.

Ok, on that happy note, Cheers and Happy Weekending.


Anonymous said...

Total death toll as of December 12: 1286

war sucks man.

se7en said...

Read some blogs of soldiers on the scene at www.optruth.org Very moving stuff

sex scenes at starbucks said...

cool. thanks, guys.

Inland, Dreaming said...

Check out Iraq Body Count www.iraqbodycount.net and this girl blog, Baghdad Burning, http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/.