ok, it's official. I'm a pirate.

Only a couple of hits off 2K. Big day. Golly, guess I should have a whiskey to celebrate. Ok. Don't have to tell me twice.

I'm writing a great story about a blog. It's almost as fun as writing here, except the voice and tenor is so different from this and my other fiction that it's challenging. Oh well, two weeks off, time to get back at it. I'm also doing synopsis's for all the books and researching agents. Something about the monitor inspired me to get back to work.

Got another hole in my head today. Pretty cool looking, I think. I only had to wait for about six months for them to get another 14k captive in. Jeez. Anyway, it sort of evens me out a bit. When I opened my bag of care stuff from the place, there was a little snowman pen inside. A wee christmas gift from the tattoo shop. Thank you, Tara and Wolf!!

Off to go work out. Got this skimpy thing to wear on New Years, and it shows all of the four pounds I put on in December. Damn, I hate having to eat right and work out and shit. Why can't I be one of those girls who eat whatever and have a metabolism like a gnat? And while I'm at it, I'm an excellent candidate to be a rich girl. I could do shallow, heartless, and priveledged. I could deal with people hanging out with me only for my money and store-bought looks. I could even like it.

Oh well.

Sorry so boring: it's a cloudy day here. We Coloradans are used to sun (something like 345 days of it here) so gray skies set me back a bit. Don't forget to hit my link to rate me! Be mean. I don't care (snivel, snort). Please don't be mean...

Have a good one and try to be nice to the people working at the Gap. It's not their fault your ass is too big for their pants. -cheers-


GoodKing Alan said...

Thank god I wasn't # 2000, I couldn't take the stress..
Happy After Christmas!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Too bad you weren't. You get a prize.

KR said...

Oh gosh, now I feel bad...have to put 'apologize to GAP girl' on my 'to do' list ;o)
I absolutely LOVE your blog - it's like an addiction now!

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