jack's back

Go read a masterpiece of a post by one of my buddies, Jack. He can't spell, but don't hold it against him.

I should be editing right now, except that I'm on this sudafed/whiskey mix and I don't want to have to undo all the changes I made tomorrow. Actually there will be no time tomorrow because, thank God Almighty or Mother Earth or Zeus (does anybody worship him anymore?) or whoever you think is running things around here... I'm goin' to the lake!


I only take my laptop up there and there's no connection, which means rough-draftin', which I call straight writin' (the hardest, best part of writing) and hopefully I'll get started on my blog story idea. It's a cool idea. I'd tell ya, but I'd have to kill ya. And that's the only clue I'm givin'. At leas' I won't be distracted by all my peeps.

I believe the whiskey may be affecting my pronunciation.

Jebus, I had a point for entering Blogland, where everything happens in slomo... oh yeah.

Vadergrrl's got a new sex quiz and it's a doozy.

My scores - FYI, low scores are wilder...:
My comments in italics

Self-Lovin' 51.7%(not bad for doing the same guy since 19)
Explored the pleasures of the flesh

Shamelessness 69%
It takes a couple of drinks

Sex Drive 42.1% (This doesn't seem right.)
I got needs, baby.

Straightness 3.6%
Knows the other body type like a map

Gayness 82.1% (Gay poncho, anyone?)
Repressed, are we?

Fucking Sick 82.3%
Refreshingly normal (Translate: boring.)

I added a couple of scores of my own:
Fetishes I hadn't heard of/thought of: 11.
Stuff that is just gross: 24

Yeah, those are my scores. Yeah, I was honest. I'm boring. I'm married. Except it doesn't feel boring...

And just because I'm on a Krypto teasing craze right now, I TRIPLE DOG DARE him to take it and post the results. In fact, I dare all of ya! You can get the link off Vadergrrl's site - see above, and don't bring it up with kids in the room.


Krypto said...

Will do. Sometime over the weekend. When there are no kids in the room.

Krypto said...

Self Lovin' 46.7
Shamelessness 69
Sex Drive 60.5
Straightness 7.1
Gayness 100
Fuckin' Sick 88.5

Average 63.17

sex scenes at starbucks said...

The self-lovin' score is appropo, ain't it?
As for the rest, it's much like mine, eh? Jebus, we're boring.

Sizzlin' hot in our abercrombie and vintage, but boring.