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If you hate grammar (and apparently using your language correctly), just hit next blog and go find yourself some poorly expressed teenage rebellion to read about. I happen to love it with a compulsion that warrants therapy.

Two posts ago, Krypto made a slight correction to my punctuation (and a bigger one - I suck). Between you and me, I still didn't believe him, since he's only an undersexed high school English teacher. What the hell could he know, right? But since I use parentheses with wanton abandon, I thought I'd consult Strunk and White, just to make sure I was right.

I am. (Kind of.)

And he is too.

The rule is: A sentence containing an expression in parentheses is punctuated outside the last mark of parentheses (such as this usage right here). So he was right about that.

But I got confused over thinking that this alternative is the rule - and I quote from S&W The Elements of Style:
(When a wholly detached expression or sentence is parenthesized, the final stop comes before the last mark of parenthesis.)

Facinating, eh?

Yeah, well it can't be all lame come-ons at the gym and cute anecdotes about my kids.

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Greg said...

ahh yes, S&W. I read it whenever I need inspiration for writing a good essay. The last chapter never fails me.