in an effort to be prompt without appearing desperate and failing miserably at both

First of all, Monkey, let me say I'm honored by the visit. You are a veritable Blog God in these parts, and real god in India.

And to answer you questions:
A) What is that under your couch in your living room? I try not to look. If I had to venture a guess it would be a matchbox car, a few crushed goldfish crackers, and remnants of barfed up beer.
2) The longest period fucking I ever did was ______ (min/hours/days)
I wasn't exactly watching the clock, but I'd go with that ten days in Hawaii. Also, once, long ago, I did it four times consecutively, no breaks, and lived to go again the next night. Ah, to be young and lithe again...
3) The person I'd most like to speak to, one on one, with no interruptions is ____ My husband. Boring but true.
D) Your favorite animal at the zoo is? (why?) Elephants. Have you ever really looked at them?? They are freakin' weird, and way smarter than us.
5) The greatest band of all time according to me, SS&S, is _________ Hmm. Firstly, thanks for not calling me Sex, like all the other dudes. You're obviously an upstanding, respectful monkey. Greatest Band? This is the toughest one. I can't listen to one band for that long without getting sick of them. Ok, here goes. REM. No, U2. No, REM. No, U2. Ok, Sting. Well, and Linkin Park has a great future ahead, based on their two albums... Why couldn't you have asked me which band member I'd most like to screw? That would be Michael Hutchins of INXS, hands down. Too bad he's dead. He wasn't just on my list; he was the list. And those folks at NIN would only have to sing that one line to get me in the mood.

Ah, King, another writer. Good to hear from you always,your majesty, and thank you for your admirable restraint.

How many completed novels/novelas do you have? Four completed novels during the past 19 months. I guess I could count the one I did when I was 13. It's bad, but done.
How many do you consider worthy of publishing (as they are)? Two. I just hope somebody else thinks so too.
Where are your piercings? My head. (I promised to answer, but I didn't promise to be specific. The 60% rule also applies.) I'll give you this though- there aren't any south of the border.

Krypto - I think you know how I feel about you.

Horny elves? Please don't tell me that you get off on that hentai anime tentacle rape stuff, too... See!! I knew we were soul mates!

Yea! That was fun! More questions please! I'm too lazy to come up with a post today.


Krypto said...

So misunderstood, so misunderstood...


sex scenes at starbucks said...

Yeah, I wondered, but you DO like comics so much that I figured you were into some weird things. That's ok. Be who you are, Krypto.

MescalineBanana said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA fuck Linkin Park!

That said, I enjoy your blog.

Monkey said...

You did WONDERFUL answering my silly questions!
I'm a "veritable Blog God"!? MAN!!!!!! (I knew about the real god thing in India - I try and get over there at least weekly)
"remnants of barfed up beer" under your couch!? :-) That sounds like under my couch! :-)
Ten straight days in hawaii of fucking!? I'm proud of you - so very proud!
Are those guys way smarter than us!? Elephants?
"...You're obviously an upstanding, respectful monkey." - I AM indeed!
I enjoyed your answers! Thank you for the fun!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I'm here to make you happy, Monkey. I will say this though: paybacks are a bitch. ;)

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