hey, jack. i was wondering when you'd turn up.

Jack gets his own post, because he's Jack.

Who would you switch teams for? Angelina Jolie, because she was righteous behind the wheel of her Rubicon in Tomb Raider. No, actually there would have to be a dude involved in some form. I'm just not that way, even though the Gay Poncho says different.

Where did the name "Sex Scenes At Starbucks" come from? From the time I had sex on the counter at Starbucks. The biscotti will forever turn me on.

Will you have sex with me? You can't be that desperate, Jack.

What is your favorite movie? Weekend at Bernies. When he's waterskiing and hitting the buoys - now that's good humor. Also, Pirates of the Carribean because, well, duh. Loose shirts open at the collar and beads get me bothered.

How come my urine looks like apple cider? Filtered or Unfiltered? Actually, don't answer that. Maybe you should go see someone.

If someone came up to you in a bar and asked you these same questions, how many times would you kick them in the testicles? A kickboxer, I'm not. But I can dish shit with the best of them, so I'd probably take that route. They would regret it, trust me.

Ok, off to not eat now. I can't eat today because there's only room for beer inside the slinky top I'm wearing tonight. Happy New Year!!


Jack said...

Mmm... Biscotti...

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Biscotti does NOT go well with a new year's hangover, and I'm in a position to know. I think that will be our new *code* word, just between you and me, Jack. Oh, and all you other readerly types out there.

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