chragic of mistmas - doesn't that sound like the name of a PS2 game?

I have to say I've been wondering if the lad still believes. I mean, I'm not very good at keeping secrets (I already mentioned buying a stocking stuffer this very morn - if PHF's eyes could shoot super x-ray beams I'd be one fried cookie about now). I mean, he's got friends in first grade, who've got friends in second and third and so on... come on, somebody's gonna blow the deal.

But the thing is, he wants to believe; and all that's required to keep it going for a few more years is a little help from the grups in his life.

My fears were unfounded. Last night when I went to check to see if he was asleep before getting out all the Santa stuff, I found his window blinds open to the skies above. Apparently, The Great (henseforth to be known as lad because I'm lazy) had been doing a bit of recon before nodding off. Man, falling asleep on a stake-out... oh well, it happens to the best of us.

The magic still resides in this house. Especially for me. I'm watching myself type this on my new IMMENSE flat screen monitor while listening to one of my new 7 cds. Other loving surprises abounded this morn, the smell of turkey is thick in the air, bows and bits of paper still litter the sitting room floor....

Now, onto New Years... I've been instructed to bring my music, favorite drink and dancin' shoes to the party we were invited to. God forbid, it doesn't take much alcohol for me to start that shit. The only thing that will stop me is the leg I'm sure to bust while learning to snowboard next week.

World's sexiest song: NIN's Closer. Damn, those lyrics gets me hot.

Happy Christmas, all.


Fire Faerie said...

What are you saying? Santa's not real? Have you no faith?

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