and in other news from the gym

Can't believe I forgot to tell this before, but today after I did about 4000 abs - ok, 170 - some guy (a new guy I've never seen before... weird.) came up to me and asked me why I don't wear stuff that shows off my stomach like that chick over there (another lesser-known gym slut.) Then, of course he had to repeat it because I had my earphones in.

I was speechless. I could have said anything from "Fuck off, fucker." to "Tee hee, that's so flattering. Too bad I'm married." But I lifted up my shirt to show him my stomach. He didn't say anything else and walked off. I guess Sherlock figured out that I was pissed off.

I need a bodyguard.

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GoodKing Alan said...

I almost think you need a new gym, or a really big can of mace..