am I hot or not?

Just posted this little doohickey, ok, well, PHF (he's the MAN!) did it, and you can hit the link over there


"Is my blog hot or not" and you get to rate me. It's fun for the whole family!

What I want for Christmas:
You saw my list. I still don't have the tattoo, so you last minute shoppers can make my appointment at Enchanted Ink in Boulder. It'll be just a little one, I'm a cheap date.

What I'm getting for Christmas:
A two year old who has decided to give up naps for 2005.

My Christmas Present to you: Check out the Monkey! I hope I don't lose readers over this, he's way funnier than me - funniest blog I've read yet, except perhaps dear Jack, and then Greg has his moments, and Krypto is good... if the cutie-patootie would ever post! (Too busy hangin' with the ladies.) Oh, and Jason...

But Monkey is married and a dad and still horny, and you know how I like that. Gives me hope for the future. And he's a Monkey. They are damn good in bed. Long fingers, you know.

We are going to church at five. Family service. I've got to shower (even though I've had two in the past twelve hours they weren't that kind of shower).
I'd say I'd pray for you, but I'm sure I'll be too busy corralling a napless Punkinhead. It's just my own little version of hell on Christmas Eve.

At least it's warmer today. I'm wearing a short skirt - yeah, I'll be the raunchy, semi-sexy, nearly appropriately dressed mildly drunk chick chasing a two year old across the balcony at church. Yesterday was nipples, to quote PHF.


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Death said...

YOU, have a merry Christmas!!!