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I decided that if your voice has changed, you own a cell phone (and are talking on it while holding out your pillowcase), AND you are taller than the person giving you candy you're too old to be trickortreating. Now, each of these singularly does not automatically disqualify, but all three in conjunction certainly do. If you're wondering if I gave them candy, the answer is yes. It was the fucking future CU football team on my front porch, for crissake.

We got snow for Halloween. It's tradition here in Colorado for the weather to be shitty on Halloween. Actually, the entire tradition consists of balmy Indian Summer up until the very day at about four-thirty. This provides time for the necessary arguement/bargaining to take place to determine who will go out cloaked in Goretex and come back with hyper frostbitten children and who gets to stay home and drink beer while handing out candy. Beer goes good with Smarties. Who knew?

There was a bit of a break with tradition this year though, since the weather was shitty last week too. Speaking of, the weather's shitty here all the time. You hardly get to see the mountains because of all the cloud cover. It's waaaaay colder than California, and the roads ice up and you can't drive without getting in an accident. People are rude here too. Don't EVER move here. (The locals are laughing their asses off right now.)

Of course the kids got the obligatory two healthy treats. Brother. Why waste your time, people? It's just going to get thrown out anyway.

I got a treat too. The Great Pumpkin brought me an Ipod for Halloween. Now, don't get all upset if you didn't get anything. Cupid was supposed to bring it to me, and then the Easter Bunny, and then the Anniversary fairy... but it never happened until Halloween. (It also helps if you are veeeery nice to the Great Pumpkin and make him a nice dinner before T.O.T.ing and have hot chocolate waiting after.) I was all set to work on loading it covertly all week long and impress The Man with my softwaric prowess.(I got the *heavy sigh*; "I'll help you with it next weekend when I have time.") But it's actually embarrassingly easy and I figured it out in about two minutes. The hardest part was the damn wheelie controller thingymabob.

Hee hee. Now at the gym if someone wants to interrupt me with useless advice, they'll have to actually make big gestures and/or touch me to get my attention. (and I can still pretend to ignore them) I listen to my tunes LOUD. No point in it if you can hear others yammering in the background.

We went to a party Saturday night. Pretty fun for not knowing anyone there. I found someone who does something else besides programming (he sails for fun so we chatted.) The Man got several double-takes, and even a couple of girls stopped him for a good look. He does a damn good Captain Jack Sparrow. Everyone knew I was Madonna so it was all good.

One guy said, "So, what... You guys dress up as each others' fantasies?" Good, good humor.

Went to a local bar after just to check out more costumes. Memorable were:

Five swing states (they were going for six but someone got sick). A complete marching band: feathered hats, finger cymbals, and kazoos. Osama and a wife or two, complete with dynamite. Very good renditions of Vampires, right down to the red contacts. That freaked my shit. More winged creatures (they kept knocking stuff off trays and saying "excuse me, tee hee, excuse me." Note to self: Resist urge to go as a fairy to a party.) Jerry Garcia. Some guy from The Big Lebowski (or however the hell you spell that).

I was on the same drinking schedule as an alien with a boa. I was just talking away, "So were are the mixed drinks again? My husband wants a rum and coke..." and looked up to see a very surprised-looking alien. (Later I thought it made sense. You'd be surprised too if you found yourself on another planet at a Halloween party.) I said, "Oh, well, you wouldn't know, would you?"

A guy dressed as a Chinese Olympic girl gymnast: the punch line was the teensy boobies. A very nice cow spoke with us for awhile at the bar. We wanted to know if he had beer in his udder, but he said that costume had already been rented. All the barkeeps, male and female, were dressed as hula dancers. Pretty soon the guys just let their coconuts hang around their waists.

But hands-down cutest was Tigger. No, really. I mean the guy was hot.


Fire Faerie said...

That damned Anniversary Fairy...falling down on the job, again. She probably got jumped back at headquarters.
I have to say, it feels a little...weird to be posting about a fairy when my blogger name is Fire Faerie...almost incestual.
(My blog identity is in homage to your Halloween Party)
I have another blog no-no for you...excessive use of "..."

sex scenes at starbucks said...

...I sure as hell am guilty of that one... sigh...