more evidence of how truly fucked-up bush and the country are; as if we needed it

On NPR this morning (now I was listening while half-asleep, but I'm fairly certain I got this right) they are attributing Bush's win to his efforts to "get out the vote."

Ok, I'll give him that. Giant kudos on getting fifty-fucking-one percent, Ratbastard.

But the actions they took to get there are astounding. Apparently last summer all the hoopla over the stem cell debate and the exclusive marriage acts were only to get the reps' opinions and how they voted on record. The results were emailed to evangelical churches across the country in order to motivate these congregations (who apparently think they have a lock on how to live) to vote for/against their reps (and what the hell, vote for Bush while they were standing there.) The whip cream on the titties was all the state initiatives to define marriage as between a man and a woman, ya ya ya.

These two tactics were contrived and orchestrated between the States and Congress and the Bush Admin. And guess what, it worked. The "Moral Majority" came out in droves to vote. Many folks standing in line for hours are on record as reporting they were there to vote for the state marriage initiatives.

I'll make my views perfectly clear (as if you aren't getting the jist by now) and then let you all have free reign in the commentbox. Try to refrain from name-calling, please.

Ah, what the hell, name-calling is fun. Go for it.

I do believe in the Sacred State of Marriage (SSoM). The Man and I were together for a long time before we were married and it was different after. How, exactly? Dunno. But it was, and I'm not the only one to notice this. I know lots of people who lived together ('bout as close as you can come to it without sign the papers, smash the wine glasses, as God as my witness, yada yada) and after they got married they reported that it was "different." In a really good way.

I also have met a very few people who said that they didn't notice a difference and I feel sorta sad for them.

That said, my marriage is really nobody's business but my own (well, and ok, The Man gets an occassional say.) Granted, we start out lucky because ours is legal/approved in several states. But it's up to us to keep it right and golden. In that same spirit, others' marriages aren't my business either. What the hell is to me if Gays want to marry? Will it lessen the sanctity or quality of my SSoM? I can't see how it would.

I'll suggest that the insecurity about the SSoM resides closer to home than these fuckers think. Likely, they are just envious of someone who has a good one; be they gay or straight (or somewhere in-between.) They're probably really jealous of all the coloring-outside-the-lines sex these folks are having. I mean, really, have you ever met one of these right-wing-flapping activist types (be they against the Gays and/or Abortion and/or Stem Cell Research and/or Muslims) who truly seem happy? Do they behave as if they have satisfying sex lives?

It's time for the moral majority to pull themselves out of the missionary position (as well as their heads out of their asses) and concentrate on their own lives and souls and marriages. I think if they did, they might realize that the nature of living a good life comes from within. It sure as hell is not something you can buy or legislate, though apparently Bush is going to do his damndest at it.

Oh, well, I guess it's nothing new. This crap has been going on since the disease-ridden and stinky white folks staggered off the first boat way-back-when in search of freedom.

Freedom, my ass. This country ain't free no more.


Jack said...

I've always been a firm (tee hee) believer that if people had better sex lives, there would less hatred and ignorance and the world would be an overall better place. I completely agree that most conservatives are jealous of the satisfying sex lives the rest of us are having, and they have to shut them down at any cost.

And as far as sanctity of marriage goes, I don't see how gay couples could possibly fuck it up any more than Britney Spears getting married in Vegas for 36 hours did.

Anonymous said...

*hugs* I here ya.

Vadergrrrl said...

Whooops. that was me.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Who is giving me mispelled e-hugs??

sex scenes at starbucks said...

thx muchly

sex scenes at starbucks said...
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GoodKing Alan said...

FW (future wife) and I have been looking forward to SSOM for some time now. We are getting more excited as we get closer. I think after all the family events I've dragged her too where she had to *sadly* shake her head and admit *gasp* that we weren't married yet... SSOM has become like the promised land for us...

Verisimilitude said...

It's okay if I call myself a SSaS whore, right?

Well, as the newest whore to your originality-based and opinion-sharing eporium, I share the same views as you mentioned in this post for the most part.

I don't want to be a ninny who can't form their own opinions, or at least come off as once, because I can and I do. I usually don't share them with people because of opposition, but here it is.

Abortion- Why not? Is it the government's uterus that's being intruded upon to lower the population by the sub-percents? If you can't trust women with a choice, how can you trust them with a child?

Marriage- Doesn't matter who it's between, male to male, female to female, or male to female. As you said, it usually entails a positive change is a couple are joined in holy matramony, or at least the whole SSoM concept...even if you're just living together for a while. I was raised with catholic views, but who're the government to, once again, say if two loving, consenting adults should marry?

Bush- Douche.

And that's all. It may seem sarcastic, superficial, or whatever. It may go against what you stand for, but you didn't have to read this did you?

Vadergrrrl said...


Wake up.... Big Brother is Watching US

Anonymous said...

do i smell a slacker? -greg

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was out of town. No internet access up there.