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Oh yeah, guess I should mention that The Man aka PHF,I guess I'll call him that now... anyway, he's got himself a baby blog.
Pony Haired Fool
(Once again my link sucks the big one. Fucking thing.)

Not really my brand of whiskey, and once you see it you'll wonder how us crazy kids ever got together, but he deserves a plug since he shares my bed. Hopefully it will pay off (for me, I mean) at some point.

Speaking of nicknames: Big Scary Guy (BSG) (see some previous post way back there, I don't feel like looking for it and fixing a link - I think it's in October) is back and BIGGER and SCARIER than ever.

PHF asked me if I ever talk to him.

I said, "Shit no. I don't even look at him lest he rip the hair from my scalp and eat it for dinner."

But BSG is experiencing a name change as well, since my trainer said "BSG? Bovine Growth Hormone?" Which was really fucking funny since he's asked my trainer for drugs before. Anyway, BSG is henseforth and herewith changed to Big Scary He-man (BSH) so that it works both ways. Cheers, J, for coming up with a good one.

Green Day is playing the entire rock opera American Idiot s-f right off on Friday. Yeah, I'll be thinkin' of ya... I know some of you music snobs are laughing at me, (or going "Green Days? Huh? Wha's she talkin' bout?") but once you hear the album and you've missed the show I'll be the one with the t-shirt, now won't I?

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