i·ro·ny: incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs

See here for full definition.

While Nextblogging tonight (see below), I noticed an irony (see above). Every so often I notice some pissed off writer protesting against a commentbox slam. They generally answer with something to the tune of...

"I write this for me, mo-fo, I don't care what you think and if you don't like it you can ride on your sorry little ass all the way to hell."

Some people even write something about it in their subtitles:

"By me. For me. Don't read it. I don't care."

Every time I see this sort of protest, I look for a certain little add-on called a hit counter. We all most of us got 'em.

Guess what I always find?

Do so care!! Do so - Do so - Do so!!!

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Jack said...

Ha! Zing! Obviously if you're typing on here, you want people to read it. Otherwise you'd keep a personal journal or not allow comments. You don't see anybody argue against positive feedback with a similar tirade.

Everybody wants people to read their blogs, whether they think they do or not. Anyone who says otherwise is a pretentious cunt.

Not that I really care what you think.