Guest Host #43

So I am the invited guest host #43. I got the number off the bus I rode the other night. Being a guest host won't do justice without some lame number behind it.

I got little to complain about today. A few itches, a couple of hairs out of place, but nothing else.

However, Saturday was different. One of my friends is moving across country and we had a goodbye dinner. Lost for words is the way to discribe the conversation. We sat, between a plate of sushi and time ticked away. Her waiting for me to say something supportive. I trying not to spill my guts in sorrow.

Damn annoying and frankly I ain't ever doing it again. Next person who decides to leave town before I do is getting a goodbye card and I am blocking their phone # until they leave. No hassles and ends fast.

The sushi place was a packed house. (See I know that our blog host HATES sushi so I am giving it equal time.) And being it was in downtown Denver and snowing like hell, it only makes sense that the majority of patrons had on low cut dresses, tiny coats and, of course, high heels. Yes, even a few guys. I was cold looking at them. The best part was most could not use the chopsticks. Eating sushi with forks is way, way, sick people. It was like a bad movie. I wanted to rush over grab the forks and run for the door.

It's over and so is this post. Thank you Jesus.


Hiro said...

whats even easier is ditching the goodbye card deal...just block the number and when they call back with hurt feelings, just claim you got hit by a car and your cellphone broke...or something along those every time

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Guest #43: Great idea, nothing like getting hit by a car and couldn't get to the phone. Getting hit by a bus is a little over the top don't you agree? Nonetheless, why do we always act like our friendships are over when we move? They aren't and good friends remain that way forever.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Hey! Who commented as me?? Someone left the key in the fucking door.
I'll be returning on Monday full of Tom anecdotes and how much weight I gained and working out at a strange YMCA (yeah, they are gay!!)and just what it is we're going to do with my mother's ashes when she dies...cheers

sex scenes at starbucks said...

oops, now I read more carefully and saw it was you #43 (I blow off numbers when I read.) Soooorrrryyyy for the hostility. Nothing that a little more extended-family time won't cure....

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