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Saw the film The Punnisher two nights ago. I wanted to see it on the big screen but we watched it on our puny tv at the lake and I notice The Man sent it back to netflix now so it will just have to live on in my memory.

I liked the movie, though it had trouble deciding whether to go reality based or comic based at first. When our hero's whole family was gunned down by what had to be several hundred rounds and there were no scattered brains, I worried that this would be one of those "blood is understood" movies (like Captain and Commander or whatever that was). The hero certainly got beat and shot up enough to make you doubt the reality aspect. I mean, not that many guys can take a bullet to the chest in Cabo San Lucas or wherever the hell they were, float away, and recover only with the minstrations of a mystical undeveloped local guy character who happened by in a boat. I was wondering if it would turn into a superhero thing (is it right that it's based on a comic book or did I just make that up?) and unlike Krypto that crap does nothing for me. (Sorry for the lack of link - I'm DONE with html for the day. He's commented somewhere around here if you want to find him.)

Slim hopes rose when blood spurted out of the throat of the Memphis assasin. Then when the Russian showed up in that dorky striped shirt, I was about to turn off the tv and pursue other, more active bedtime endeavours. But The Man will leave no movie unwatched to its fullest, no matter how bad.

I'm glad we left it on because the fight scene was a hoot. Both of them got the shee-it kicked out of them thoroughly, and I loooove unmatched fights. I mean, stick a knife in some giant guy's boob and watch him grin at you. Great stuff.

The hero even used a bow (though it was compound - I'll say it again- PUSSY!) but you know I've got a soft spot for that weapon.

The piercing/torture scene made me cringe appropriately and appreciatively (kinda hit close to home, though I wish-wish-wish he'd had some in his nipples!!).

But my favorite scene was of course the big finale; and the best moment of that was when he stuck the knife in that guy's chin. The vic opened his mouth and it's all filled up with knife blade! Now that's some fucking great cinema.

The creepiest scene with a knife I ever saw was in Saving Private Ryan, when the German seduced the American into letting him sink a knife into his heart. That made me imagine a written scene where some chick and guy (or two chicks or whatever you like) are having sex and one of them gets a slow stab in the back as they are cumming and they don't even realize. I can think of just the character in my book who deserves nothing better.

Sounds like a fifth book to me. What do you think, Faerie?

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Fire Faerie said...

Well, I'm sticking to the "Take me out back and beat me with my laptop if I mention book V"-clause. I think you could revisit that little community in several years and see what they're up to. Or maybe do a prequel...like Starwars. But PHF will eat my lunch if I encourage you to pursue yet ANOTHER 800 page voyage.

And the sex scene...wow. Kinda scary that it came out of your head. PHF should be very afraid. I sincerely hope you revisited the sex scene from book 1. I think our hero deserves a little more action than he got there on the beach. It was over before I knew it had started...and that has to be really disappointing for the ones involved.

Did PHF finish book 2 yet? I need to have words with that boy!