trying to be polite, ending up frustrated...


I'm about to say screw it.

Ok, BB, tried to fix it to be polite, but of course the code wasn't cooperating (see fucked up text below) or not enough caffiene, or something. See above for the link to the blog mentioned in the previous entry, if the fucking thing works this time. AAARRGGGGHHHH! How do you geeks do it, day after day? It really explains the moods, the affinity for mind-altering substances, and the XBox. I've got new respect, man.

If the damn thing doesn't work, then his link can be found in the comments section.
Goodkingalan. Nice guy, funny blog.



Anonymous said...

BB Says: Sorry it was such a pain. Welcome to my world. I did enjoy reading his blog tho, so thanks from me and probably from him too.

GoodKing Alan said...

Hey thanks!
I wasn't dissapointed (No Sex) so much as fishing for some juicy reading as I kill time at work.
The title works though. I skip any blog that says Soandso's Blog.