things to do with your extra hour besides sleep

1. Well, duh. Some of you losers could do it three times and complete your obligations for the year.
2. ~TyPe YoUr PoSt LiKe ThIs BeCaUsE iT wIlL bUrN uP an HoUr EaSy~BuT oNlY iF u WaNt To AlEiNaTe YoUr AuDiEnCe 4 GoOd~sOrRy jAcK aNd GrEg I cOuLdNt ReSiSt~
3. Watch Saturday Night Live. Ok, just kidding.
4. Actually listen to what your significant other has to say instead of rolling over and saying "Fuck, I'm soooo tired. I have to get up in seven hours" because you have eight hours instead, so ha!
5. Proof-read your writing before posting, for once.
6. Start trick-or-treating at three in the afternoon tomorrow.
7. Have an extra beer or two. Or ten if you're a high-functioning alcoholic.
8. Write a poem for your blog about how much you hate the time change and how it fucks you all up and how it seems like dinner is all off and you're so tired in the morning and it's still dark when you wake up and you hate that too... don't forget about the bit about the fight with your mother!
9. Watch half a movie. When you've discovered how bad it is actually turn it off and then go on to bed. You'll be content in knowing that you've lost nothing.
10. I for one need to finish the damn book. The due date was Halloween. Can you tell I'm putting it off???

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